Sophisticated Healthcare IT Suite of EMR, Practice Management, Analytics and More

Sophisticated Healthcare IT Suite of ENT EMR, Practice Management, Analytics and More

ENT Software Solutions Built by Otolaryngologists, for Otolaryngologists

Modernizing Medicine® took a unique approach to building advanced IT solutions for healthcare. We taught practicing physicians to program their medical knowledge and workflows into our otolaryngology software. Choose a solution to learn more.

modmed Otolaryngology EMA EHR - The Award-Winning, Specialty-Specific System for Otolaryngology

Designed to transform the way the industry approaches cloud-based ENT EHR software, our innovative ENT electronic health records system, EMA™, has ranked #1 among otolaryngology EHRs in unbiased Black Book surveys for four consecutive years.

This EMR software for otolaryngology adapts to your unique style of practice and even remembers your preferences, so you can gain an assistant that works and thinks like you do. With automated ENT ICD-10 code suggestions, ENT MACRA tools and more, we’ve rolled the best EMR has to offer into this EMR for otolaryngologists to help streamline your workflow.

patient at front desk with staff using practice management

Otolaryngology Practice Management

Modernizing Medicine’s ENT Practice Management (PM) system integrates seamlessly with our EMA otolaryngology EMR for a smooth flow of clinical and financial information. From scheduling and billing to reporting, document management and more, your ENT practice may benefit when leveraging our ENT EHR and Practice Management systems together.

Otolaryngology Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Service

When our people, processes and technology work to get you paid more of what you’re owed, something incredible happens. You turn your focus back to providing great ear, nose and throat care instead of worrying about whether you collected on a bill properly.

Flowchart showing Modernizing Medicine RCM process

Analytics for Otolaryngologists

Harness your data to improve your otolaryngology practice and discover where you might be losing money. With our in-depth ENT analytics tool, it’s easy to track and benchmark your clinical, financial and operational performance. While other ENT software vendors provide static reports with only a few basic metrics, our structured data enables flexible, comprehensive analysis, helping you uncover the answers you need to succeed.

female staff member looking at analytics reports on laptop

Embrace ENT Value-Based Care

EMA MIPS scorecard on iPad

Now that value-based care is here with otolaryngology MACRA, it’s vital to understand how you’re performing on CMS’ MIPS program to help your practice succeed. Your Medicare reimbursements could depend on it. With our 2015 Edition Certified EHR’s built-in otolaryngology MIPS solution, you can:

  • Collect your ENT MIPS data within the flow of the exam
  • Track your estimated MIPS composite score and progress on each measure
  • Benchmark your performance against peers on a daily basis
  • Take advantage of our Specialized Registries
  • Submit your MIPS data to CMS through our MIPS CQM

Improve ENT Patient Engagement

In the value-based care ENT environment, getting your patients involved early and often in their healthcare is invaluable if you want to succeed. Do you have a patient engagement strategy ready for implementation? When you combine the freedom of iPad mobility with high-tech, ENT cloud tools like our patient portal and modmed® Kiosk to engage your patients, you may find that outcomes have a better chance of being positive.

Population Health for Otolaryngology

Stay competitive in the industry with our powerful otolaryngology EHR solution that digs deep into population trends, care utilization and quality measures. We help you make data-driven decisions that can improve health and cost-effectiveness. By enhancing health-system—generated data with patient-generated data in our EMR software for otolaryngology, Modernizing Medicine unlocks in-depth analysis and valuable insights.

The Push for Interoperability in Otolaryngology

We believe strongly in improving healthcare by allowing patient data to flow seamlessly between systems. That’s why we’re committed to making data sharing and EHR interfaces simple. Our push for ENT interoperability aims to increase quality, improve outcomes, reduce costs and errors for your practice and help you deliver true coordinated care. Smooth communication can also save you time and facilitate otolaryngology patient engagement and population health initiatives. As a member of the trusted CommonWell Health Alliance, we’re proud to be working to provide powerful data exchange capabilities in our ENT EMR software.

Otolaryngology Client Services

When you join the Modernizing Medicine family, you don’t just get great otolaryngology software; you get dedicated professionals to support your smooth onboarding and ongoing success.

We Can Help You Work Towards Achieving ENT MIPS Success

Better Insights Drive Better Outcomes

The data you collect tells a story about the health of both your practice and your patients; our ENT software helps you read it. You can effortlessly capture actionable data, then drill down and compare performance with your peers. In doing so, you can unlock insights that may help you improve quality, revenue, cost-effectiveness and MIPS performance. And that’s not all our unique approach enables you to do. Our all-in-one otolaryngology EMR software suite eliminates extra steps and automates tasks like ICD-10 ENT coding. And since it’s both mobile and cloud-based, you can take advantage of seamless communication across your practice and access ENT electronic health records easily over the internet.


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