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Designed Specifically for ENT Doctors

EMA's streamlined note-taking improves the way you work and the patient experience


EMA Otolaryngology was created from the ground up to consider only what otolaryngologists needed from an EHR System. EMA eliminates the need to create templates and macros that don’t provide the detail of information needed to document an exam effectively. EMA Otolaryngology utilizes mobile touch technology and generates notes in seconds to allow more time for patient interaction.

EMA also helps doctors improve healthcare by providing structured data on quality and cost that lets you track your performance against national benchmarks. This will become increasingly important as we move towards value-based care in the form of MACRA and MIPS.

With EMA, there is nothing to get between you and the work that you do. Read more about EMA in the Create Efficiencies, Improve Outcomes and Integrate Seamlessly sections of this page.

Born Ready for ICD-10

Having virtually no experience with electronic medical records (EMR) systems, I implemented EMA Otolaryngology into my practice. EMA’s interface is very intuitive and the ability to ‘chart’ with an iPad when seeing patients facilitates eye contact and interaction.
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EMA Otolaryngology has provided me with an efficient, easy-to-use EMR system that is backed by a wonderful support team that meets all my needs and expectations.
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With ICD-10 approaching, I’m not worried in the least about the conversion and that’s exactly why I chose EMA Otolaryngology. The ICD-10 coding will automatically generate and ensure that we get paid without disruption or interference with treating patients.
Dr. Bert Brown

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