The Healthcare IT Suite Integrating EMR, Practice Management and More

The Healthcare IT Suite Integrating EMR, Practice Management and More

Software Solutions Made by Plastic Surgeons, for Plastic Surgeons

Healthcare IT should think and work like you, so you can focus on your patients. That’s why Modernizing Medicine® teaches plastic surgeons to program their knowledge and workflows into the modmed® Plastic Surgery suite. Choose a solution to learn more.

modmed Plastic Surgery EMA EHR - The Award-Winning, Specialty-Specific System for Plastic Surgery

EMA, our mobile EMR system, has been #1 in plastic surgery for three years in a row according to healthcare leaders and EMR users surveyed by Black Book™ Research. Designed to automate time-consuming tasks so you can get out of the office faster, our plastic surgery EMR software adapts to your unique style of practice, even remembering your preferences.

staff showing patient how to use patient portal smartphone app at front desk

Plastic Surgery Practice Management

Our Practice Management system works seamlessly with EMA to help you connect the front and back offices. Modernizing Medicine’s plastic surgery practice management software offers:

  • Streamlined workflow and document management
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Simple plastic surgery billing
  • Robust, metrics-driven reporting

Plastic Surgery Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Service

Take control of your revenue with our comprehensive RCM service. With our processes, technology and people managing your plastic surgery billing and collections, you can focus on doing what you do best—treating patients.

Flowchart showing Modernizing Medicine RCM process

Analytics for Plastic Surgeons

While other plastic surgery EMR vendors provide static reports with only a few basic metrics, our structured data enables flexible, comprehensive analysis, revealing information you can use to improve your practice.

With our Analytics solution, you can gain insight into how to:

  • Improve revenue
  • Increase efficiency
  • Produce better patient outcomes
female staff member looking at charts and graphs in analytics on desktop computer

Plastic Surgery Value-Based Care

EMA MIPS scorecard on iPad

Now that CMS has switched to value over volume, plastic surgery quality measures and costs are being highly scrutinized. If you don’t perform certain tasks, you could lose money. Don’t risk your future revenue. Select a plastic surgery EMR that helps you:

  • Collect your MIPS data within the flow of the exam
  • Track your estimated MIPS composite score and progress on each measure
  • Benchmark your performance against peers on a daily basis
  • Take advantage of our Specialized Registries
  • Submit your MIPS data to CMS from our MIPS Qualified Registry

Plastic Surgery Inventory Management

female checking inventory

You can help improve the management of point of sale, tracking, reporting and commissions as well as targeted patient marketing by using our integrated Inventory Management solution. With it, you can enjoy:

  • Trackable point of sale and dispensing
  • Thorough inventory tracking
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • A personalized patient experience

Plastic Surgery Patient Engagement

Help your patients become a bigger part of the healthcare process with high-tech tools from Modernizing Medicine. Our plastic surgery patient portal and modmed® Kiosk solutions are designed to get your patients more involved from the start. From filling out information and checking record accuracy on an iPad to managing their own healthcare process online, you may find that more engaged patients lead to better outcomes.

Population Health for Plastic Surgery

To unlock the full potential of population health, you need tools that offer insights into quality, care utilization and population trends. At Modernizing Medicine, we build our products to deliver those insights, helping you identify at-risk patients, manage those with specific conditions and even make data-driven decisions. With our population health solutions, you benefit from:

  • Cloud-based plastic surgery EMR system
  • Structured data
  • Near real-time peer benchmarking
  • Patient engagement tools
  • All-in-one health IT suite

Interoperability in Plastic Surgery

Why does interoperability matter? Because coordinated care and a seamless flow of data between systems could benefit your patients’ outcomes. That’s why we’re committed to making data sharing and software interfaces simple. As a member of the trusted CommonWell Health Alliance, we’re proud to be working to provide powerful data exchange capabilities.

Plastic Surgery Client Services

When you join the Modernizing Medicine family, you don’t just get great software; you get dedicated professionals to support your smooth onboarding and ongoing success.

Want to Achieve MIPS Success? We’ve Got Your Back!

High-Tech Innovation That Can Drive Better Results

In today’s value-based care environment, technology is more vital to the survival of plastic surgery practices than ever before. With its unique combination of actionable data and Cloud, Mobile, Touch technology, modmed Plastic Surgery puts us in an optimal position to help you thrive—as our clients have seen firsthand.

Jeffery Walding, MD, FACS, Southern Institute of Plastic Surgery

“EMA has streamlined patient chart completion in the office and operating room to allow for thorough documentation while saving time.”

Sonya Merriman, MD, Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta

“EMA is so intuitive that it enables my practice to run smoothly… This makes my billing and claims submission a lot easier. For a plastic surgery practice, there is nothing that compares to EMA.”


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