EMA Plastic Surgery & EMA Cosmetic

A beautifully detailed electronic medical records (EMR) system designed for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and aesthetic medicine

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Spend Your Time Operating, Not Documenting

Designed by plastic surgeons to simplify the way you practice


Detail is everything in the work you do. EMA Plastic Surgery™ and EMA Cosmetic™ come fully loaded with in-depth medical knowledge for each specialty. The clean, easy-to-use iPad interface, the EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas™ and an adaptive learning engine so powerful that it observes and adjusts to your unique style of practice enable detailed documentation – fast. At a touch, EMA automatically scribes notes, automates forms and billing, generates patient education and electronically prescribes.

EMA Plastic Surgery is the perfect cloud-based EMR system for the plastic and reconstructive surgeon in both small and large practices. Rich with many of the same features and details as EMA Plastic Surgery, EMA Cosmetic is ideal for cosmetic surgeons in private and group practices or medical spas.

Born Ready for ICD-10

Physician to Physician

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I was a chronic under-coder and I was never sure if my documentation was thorough enough to justify an audit. With EMA, I have fewer turned down claims due to coding issues and my insurance revenue has increased. EMA paid for itself in the coding functionality.
After going live with EMA Plastic Surgery, we were able to keep the same number of patients. The transition has not affected productivity at all in a negative way; it actually has increased productivity.

Certifications & Recognition

SFBJ 2015

Discover all the ways EMA saves time!

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