OBGYN Image Management

Cloud-Based and Integrated With Our Suite of Solutions

OBGYN Image Management

Cloud-Based and Integrated With Our Suite of Solutions

Our system was designed to receive diagnostic images directly from the compatible connected device that captured them — right in the patient’s chart. Want to review, or annotate your images, and send them to a patient or another physician? It can all be done quickly from your iPad or computer.

With Image Management, your images are stored in the cloud for easy access.

Access OBGYN Images With the Touch of a Button

OBGYN imaging

ModMed®’s Image Management system integrates with our OBGYN EHR,
which is designed to help save you time and clicks. You can:

  • Connect with compatible OBGYN imaging devices
  • Share images with patients and other providers
  • Select images from completed or from previous exams
  • Sync and review image sequences side by side
  • Access images from the patient’s chart at the point of care

Why ModMed OBGYN Image Management?

Cloud-based. Mobile. Easy-to-use. Now the things you love about our EHR are available in an image management system.

Image Management is also accessible on an iPad, making it a great tool for patient education, whether you’re explaining the results of a mammogram or going over your patients’ latest ultrasound images.

Images are just a click away from your regular notes, so you can switch back to documenting, then open the images again from within the patient’s chart, if you need to. You can access patient images, document your findings, and share the images with other healthcare professionals —all while the patient is still in the room.


Manage Images Right From the Patient’s Chart


Within our EHR, you click once from the chart to view your diagnostic images, which are sorted by image type and exam date. From there, you can browse and filter images, zoom in, annotate and more — all without losing your place.

Review and Compare Images and Reports Side by Side

Our OBGYN Image Management system makes it easy to view images right next to each other. You can:

  • Compare historical data for the same exam type
  • View images as a series or side by side to identify patterns
  • Easily track progress over two or more visits
  • Switch views without losing your place
OBGYN dashboard

Help Improve the Care Continuum

OBGYN Imaging With Marking

With Image Management you can easily annotate images with freehand drawing, predefined shapes, text or redaction to call-out particular findings and assist with care continuum and patient education.

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