The Award-Winning
Specialty-Specific EHR System

The Award-Winning Specialty-Specific EHR System



ModMed Orthopedics software suite on iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch

The #1 Orthopedic EHR System

If your EHR software understood your specialty, it wouldn’t slow you down. That’s why practicing orthopedic surgeons built ModMed®’s EMA® around real orthopedic workflows, helping make it the #1 orthopedic EHR* available.

  • Easy touch-based orthopedic EMR solution
  • Automated notes and bills
  • Improved communication across the practice
  • Built-in orthopedic ICD-10 codes
  • Robust MIPS dashboard
  • Award-winning** User Experience (UX)

*2024 Black Book

**2020 SaaS Awards: ”Best Saas for Healthcare” and “Best UX or UI Design in a SaaS Product”

An image of a laptop and the 2024 Black Book seal.

#1 orthopedics-specific EHR

Right out of the box, EMA provides you with over:

Chief complaints

Diagnoses with ICD-10 codes

Treatment plans and procedures

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

Michael DiMarino, MD

Tara Salsman, Office Manager, IVCH Medical Group

“We’ve been using EMA for over two years, and during that time, Modernizing Medicine has made several improvements to the system and is always striving to make more. They make a point to listen to our feedback and incorporate our suggestions into EMA, which benefits not only our practice but also our patients.”

Cindy Fruge

Audley Mackel, MD, Associates in Orthopaedics

“Of all the EMR systems I saw, EMA had what I needed. It’s effortless to learn, and it gives me the confidence that I’m coding appropriately, resulting in higher reimbursements. It’s a relief to know that I can stay informed of my patients’ information from almost anywhere. I look forward to many more years with Modernizing Medicine.”

Leslie Cosner

Nicole Mayo, Daily Operations Administrator, Panhandle Orthopaedics

“Now with EMA, our staff can complete all of the notes during the patient visit or shortly thereafter for some of our more complex patients, and no one stays after hours or works weekends.”

EMA for orthopedics suggesting the provider's most used treatment plans

You Don’t Have to Adapt to EMA—It Adapts to You!

Like a well-trained member of your team, EMA sees how each provider likes to practice and adjusts to fit their needs. Once you log in with your unique EMA username, our adaptive learning engine suggests your top diagnoses and treatments and even anticipates your next move. Can your current orthopedic EMR software do that?

Smarter Data, Better Outcomes

To help you thrive in today’s environment, your EMR needs to do a lot more than just collect information—it needs to understand and leverage that data for your benefit. This is only possible with structured data for orthopedists. While other EMRs limit you by using unstructured free text, EMA’s structured data approach can give you advanced automation and analytics to empower your orthopedic practice.

MIPS Quality category scorecard and measures in EMA

Designed for MIPS

Now that Meaningful Use (MU) and PQRS have become part of MIPS, CMS is paying providers on a curve. To maximize your potential Medicare reimbursement under MIPS, you’ll need a solution that simplifies the complex value-based care regulations and shows you where you stand on a daily basis.

We built our 2015 Edition Certified orthopedic software to do exactly that. As other practices struggle, you can use EMA’s built-in MIPS automation solution to help your orthopedic practice succeed under MIPS:

  • Collect MIPS data automatically, within your existing workflow
  • Track & benchmark your estimated performance
  • Skip the manual data entry—report to CMS through our MIPS CQM
Grand Rounds showing practice vs. nationwide prescription comparison for ankle pain

Improve Diagnostic and Treatment Power

Having a wealth of healthcare insights at your fingertips in your orthopedic EMR software helps make even the most difficult decisions easier. With EMA Grand Rounds, you can instantly see how orthopedic surgeons nationwide commonly treat a disease to help you practice evidence-based medicine. Meanwhile, to help you work even faster while linking each treatment to a tangible outcome, EMA Outcomes shows a visual timeline of each patient’s progress.

encounter form populated with ICD-10 and CPT codes and modifiers

Code with Confidence

ICD-10 has burdened orthopedic surgeons with the largest code expansion of any specialty. Sure, you could use an EHR that’s been patched with code lookups, crosswalks or GEMs, but this may drain your time and risk claim denials from inaccurate or unspecified codes.

Instead, consider EMA’s built-in technology that can suggest ICD-10, CPT and modifier codes for you. Keeping up with new ICD-10 codes won’t slow you down with Modernizing Medicine’s EMA EHR for orthopedics!

patient sitting on table next to iPad while orthopedic surgeon holds patient's knee

Practice Unhindered

Our orthopedic surgeons know how limited your time is. That’s why they designed EMA to let you spend it with patients, not your practice EHR. Rather than typing at a computer, you can just tap our orthopedic iPad app while walking around and making eye contact with patients. As you would expect from the best orthopedic EMR available, EMA makes it easy to show patients key information that fosters meaningful discussions about their health.

Throughout the process, your clinical team can collaborate quickly and effortlessly. modmed® Orthopedics can automatically generate a note and bill before the patient leaves the room, giving staff full visibility of what needs to be done. Our orthopedic EMR system even works seamlessly with our orthopedic Practice Management software to connect your front and back offices, plus we interface with hundreds of third-party PM systems.

Pocket EMA in apple watch

Be There for Patients, Virtually Anywhere

With cloud-based mobility, EMA travels with you instead of being tethered to your office. When patients call, you can use the EMA smartphone app to quickly pull up their records or ePrescribe medications.*

And on busy days, the PocketEMA™ Apple Watch app helps you stay organized by putting your schedule, chart notes, messages and more right on your wrist.

*Available in most states.

Deliver Your Best Care Faster

List of available Protocols in EMA

Document Visits Instantly

Our innovative orthopedic software just got even better with Protocols. For common conditions, operative notes and post-op appointments, this feature lets you create “master visits” that contain comprehensive patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment data. Then, during exams, apply this data in one click to document the entire visit.

Prescription History on iPad showing past prescriptions, dosages and dates

Empower Decision-Making

Easily access each patient’s past medications and fill history from community pharmacies to import them into the patient record with Prescription History. Instantly seeing what was prescribed, how much and when helps you speed up patient intake, avoid overprescribing, reduce data entry errors, prevent adverse drug events and improve quality of care.

electronically signing a patient consent form for unplanned procedure in EMA for orthopedics

Record Consent Effortlessly

No more wasting time and resources by printing, storing or scanning paper consent forms—our EMA EMR for iPad lets you upload existing forms or create and pull up custom ones, fast. Patients can sign with their finger or an Apple Pencil, and you can save forms directly to the record.

3d knees joint diagram in EMA's interactive anatomical atlas for orthopedics

Interactive Anatomical Atlas™

Engage and educate patients with this interactive 3D body illustration. Peeling back layers reveals muscles, joints and more, including a skeletal view organized into fracture patterns based on how each bone breaks most often.

drawing on 3d hand diagram in EMA on iPad

Drawing Board

Draw freehand on photos or the Interactive Anatomical Atlas, then automatically add your drawings to the patient’s chart with this powerful orthopedic electronic medical record.

Support staff member assisting a client on a laptop

Support You Can Trust

Through implementation, product interfacing, training and beyond, our dedicated team of support staff, orthopedic surgeons and other experienced professionals will work closely with you to meet your practice’s unique needs.

What Is the Top Ranking Orthopedic EHR System?

Black Book™ Research has conducted their annual independent survey of orthopedic surgeons and healthcare leaders nationwide. For the sixth year in a row their choice for the #1 orthopedic EHR system is EMA, Modernizing Medicine®’s Cloud, Mobile, Touch solution for orthopedic practices.

Real-World Results

“Thanks to EMA’s ease of use and other initiatives, we save around

hours a day while seeing more patients."

– Steve Meadows, MD
South Palm Orthopedics

“I can complete a new patient note in 2 minutes
and a follow-up note in


– Steven Gorin, DO
Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics

“Each day, I can see 20 new patients and be
done 1-1.5 hours earlier. This equates to saving

dollars per year.”

– Daniel Stein, MD
Coastline Orthopedic Associates

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