Electronic Inbound Faxing

Reduce Paperwork and Increase Efficiency

Electronic Inbound Faxing

Reduce Paperwork and Increase Efficiency

Receiving faxes with patient information can leave you sorting through and managing seemingly endless piles of paper. But by embracing technology, you can combat clutter, streamline workflow and even create a paperless environment in your practice.

With EMA®’s inbound fax capabilities, you can:

  • Define categories for inbound faxes, such as insurance and referrals
  • Assign faxes to specific patients
  • Receive inbound fax alerts via IntraMail in EMA
  • Forward faxes to other users

Integrated with our specialty-specific EHR software, EMA, our inbound eFaxing solution is an ideal way to track and manage documents while also making your practice more agile. You can have multiple fax lines for individuals or specific functions, so when a fax comes in, it’s immediately recorded in our suite as a PDF file. From there, you can separate it into individual pages and even attach it to a patient’s electronic health record.

Simple Setup and First-Rate Support

Once we’ve helped your practice find the eFax workflow that best meets your unique needs, Modernizing Medicine® handles virtually all setup for you. In fact, since our digital faxing services are cloud-based and integrated with EMA, we can set up your new online fax lines in as little as one week.

But our service doesn’t end at setup. We pride ourselves on the friendly, knowledgeable support we provide at every stage of the process. Our Modernizing Medicine team is always happy to answer any questions you may have, set up additional fax lines and resolve issues.

Outbound Faxing Built Into the EMR System

Right out of the box, EMA already includes powerful outbound internet faxing capabilities. With just a few clicks, you can eFax virtually any PDF through EMA, including:

  • Prescriptions
  • Outbound referrals
  • Visit notes
  • Patient charts
  • Customizable summary letters
  • Continuity of Care documents (CCDs)
  • HIPAA cover sheets
  • Body diagrams
By adding inbound faxing functionality, you can seamlessly integrate all your office faxing with EMA in the cloud, allowing you to focus on caring for patients rather than managing paperwork.

Why Choose Modernizing Medicine?

Modernizing Medicine was founded to create specialty-specific solutions that improve efficiency and outcomes by combining medical knowledge with cutting-edge technology. This remains our core purpose as we continue developing innovative EMR systems and Cloud, Mobile, Touch healthcare suites that stay ahead of industry changes.

Instead of trying to teach computer programmers how to practice medicine, we teach practicing physicians how to code EMR software, so they can help us build solutions for specialty-specific healthcare industry problems. For us, eliminating unnecessary piles of paper that result from faxes is just another part of the equation.

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