modmed Dermatology EMA™ EHR
modmed Dermatology EMA™ EHR

The #1
EHR System

Combining the best that cloud-based EMR systems have to offer with the efficiency of specialty-specific software is only part of what makes EMA™ the #1 dermatology EMR¹ available.

  • Easy touch-based dermatology EMR solution
  • Automated notes and bills
  • Built-in ICD-10 dermatology codes
  • Better overall patient experiences
  • MACRA & MIPS dermatology functionality

¹2017 Black Book Market Research.

Right out of the box, EMA provides you with over:

 treatment plans and procedures


chief complaints


diagnoses with ICD-10 codes

choosing plans in EMA

EMA Doesn’t Just Participate. It Anticipates.

Does your current dermatology EHR remember your laser settings or desired anesthesia for biopsies? Does it understand your practice patterns so well that it can think intuitively like you, eliminating the need for templates? Like a well-trained member of your team, the EMA specialty-specific EHR system does exactly that, thanks to the innovative adaptive learning engine inside. Based on your unique EMA username, it can recognize your preferred methods and even suggest your top diagnoses and treatments. How’s that for saving time?

Not All Data Is Created Equal

MIPS scorecard in EMA

Greater Diagnostic and Treatment Power for Better Patient Outcomes

Actionable data can truly modernize medicine for dermatologists. While other systems collect unstructured free text that they cannot easily interpret or leverage, EMA gathers structured data as you tap your way through exams. This enables you to run powerful analytics and studies to prepare for value-based medicine in the form of MACRA and MIPS. Under the new regulations, the sustainability of your practice relies on how you compare to your peers. Our structured data technology makes it easy to understand where your dermatology practice falls along the payment curve in real time and how to improve your current standing.

  • Track and benchmark your performance within the field to assist MIPS compliance
  • Make time-consuming tasks easier, such as ICD-10 medical coding and CMS reporting

EMA even makes attesting for Meaningful Use dermatology and MIPS simple by automatically identifying and compiling your reportable data. When it’s time to report, EMA can submit it all for you with the touch of a button. See what the best EHR for dermatology looks like with a quick demo.

Eczema prescription comparison in EMA Grand Rounds

Dermatology Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Improve outcomes by leveraging data that thousands of dermatologists have collected over the course of more than 70 million patient encounters. Features such as Outcomes and Grand Rounds analyze and synthesize clinical data from our nationwide dermatology community, giving you a quick snapshot of patient progress and common treatments for specific diagnoses. With innovations like this, EMA for dermatology is taking advancements in electronic medical record systems to a higher level.

PocketEMA app on iPhone

Innovation That Moves You…Literally

EMA is cloud-based, giving you the freedom to practice dermatology virtually wherever and whenever you want. Do you need to take a three-day seminar during the week while staying available to your patients? No problem. The cloud means your patient data goes where you go.

You can instantly access your patient data with PocketEMA™, the EMA dermatology app for your smartphone. Plus, when you’re rushing around the office, use our Apple Watch app to view chart notes, note statuses, messages and your schedule at a glance.

What’s more, our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model eliminates the need to buy or maintain onsite server hardware. And the best part? You won’t have to struggle with disruptive manual EMR software updates to your onsite servers again.

“I have three office locations, so being cloud-based provides the ease of portability. If my physician’s assistant is seeing a patient in another office and has a question, I can look up the patient information and provide an answer no matter which office I’m in.”

– Tina Venetos, MD, Northshore Dermatology Center

doctor showing patient anatomical diagram in EMA on iPad

EMA for Your iPad

Imagine engaging in meaningful face-to-face discussions instead of typing at a computer during the patient encounter. That’s the power of EMA’s touch-based, mobile functionality. Dermatologists can easily tap to show patients key information and progress over time, and modmed® Dermatology generates the note and bill automatically at the end of the visit.

List of available Protocols in EMA

Document an Entire Visit in Just a Few Clicks

Want to save even more time? EMA’s Protocols feature makes the best EHR for dermatology even better by letting you create master visits for conditions you encounter frequently as a dermatologist. This means you can record patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment information once, then effortlessly apply it to exams like routine visits, new patients and pre- and post-operative instructions.

EMA suggesting ICD-10 codes for burn

Code With Confidence

While other electronic health records software systems tout their ability to translate or narrow the number of dermatology ICD-10 codes you have to select from, EMA goes one step further. It automatically suggests your ICD-10, CPT and modifier codes based on your actual notes and populates them onto the bill for your review. No guesswork. No translation tools. Just tap, touch and you’re done. It’s that simple.

EMA benchmarking one practice's new patient E&M code utilization against other practices nationwide

E&M Benchmarking

Looking for a simple way to keep an eye on your billing compliance? To help you identify and fix any problematic coding patterns, EMA benchmarks each provider’s E&M code utilization against other providers in your practice and against CMS Medicare Part B utilization data.

choice of different 3d body viewing angles in EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas

Interactive Anatomical Atlas™

Document visits and educate patients easily with the Interactive Anatomical Atlas, EMA’s 3D layered anatomical body illustration. Dermatologists can pinch, zoom and select from tens of thousands of anatomically unique locations on and in the body. You can even peel back the skin to reveal muscles, joints, tendons and organs.

drawing botox injection points on 3d face in EMA Drawing Board

Drawing Board

No need to rely solely on verbal explanations or sketch on paper when talking to patients. With your finger or Apple Pencil, you can draw on photos and anatomical diagrams in EMA, then automatically attach your drawings to the appropriate parts of the record. You can even use your previous drawings as prepopulated drawings at another visit.

Photograph of hand in EMA with notes for biopsy

Integrated Photography

Simply snap a photo with your iPad, and EMA adds it straight to the chart. It’s ideal for showing patients before-and-after shots or documenting cancer, plus you can connect photos to specific visits, conditions and procedures.

Modernizing Medicine Client Services team

Support You Can Trust

Through implementation, product interfacing, training and beyond, our dedicated team of support staff, dermatologists and other experienced professionals will work closely with you to meet your practice’s unique needs.

What Is the Top Ranking EHR System for Dermatologists?

Black Book Research has conducted their yearly comprehensive survey of doctors and healthcare leaders nationwide. Their choice for the #1 dermatology-specific EHR system is EMA, Modernizing Medicine®’s Cloud, Mobile, Touch solution for dermatology practices. How did your current EHR system do?

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

William Fangman, MD

William Fangman, MD, Piedmont Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

“You can tell that clinical physicians were involved in the development of EMA, and that makes it functional in an actual office. EMA follows the flow of a real clinic, not a textbook clinic.”

Gary B. Slaughter Jr., MD

Gary B. Slaughter Jr., MD, Charlotte Dermatology

“The fact that I’m proud to be a dermatologist is one of the reasons why I wanted a dermatology-specific EHR system. I naturally gravitated toward EMA because it fits my practice style and has the ideology that I do. The system anticipates my next move yet gives me the ability to customize my documentation.”

Mark Gaughan, MD

Mark Gaughan, MD, Durango Dermatology

“For any dermatologists who haven’t already committed to an electronic health records system—or even those, like us, who already had—I think it’s important to take a look at EMA. It’s so different from anything else that’s out there. I really do think it’s going to modernize medicine.”


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