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modmed Gastroenterology

An Innovative EHR System Developed Just for Gastroenterologists

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An Innovative EHR System Developed Just for Gastroenterologists

An EHR system designed to work for you, not against you

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EMA for Gastroenterology was built specifically for gastroenterologists looking for an EHR system to complement their practice of caring for patients with gastrointestinal disorders. Your training and experience in managing diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract are very specific, and your knowledge and workflow are unlike any other specialty. Now there’s an EHR system dedicated to your specific needs, one with an adaptive learning engine that will adjust to how you practice.

EMA knows your workflow and allows you to easily capture procedure notes and images with a few taps on an iPad, helping eliminate redundancies and automate communications.

Now that MACRA and MIPS have arrived, your future income depends on how you perform compared to peers. With EMA, you’ll get a MIPS scorecard, real-time peer benchmarking, automated reporting and more. We’re so confident we can provide all you need for MIPS success, we’ve made the modmed Pledge™.

Learn how EMA Gastroenterology can help your practice by visiting the Create Efficiencies, Improve Outcomes and Integrate Seamlessly pages for full details of EMA Gastroenterology’s functionality.

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A Preferred Olympus Partner is now a Modernizing Medicine company

gMed provides a gastroenterology-specific platform that consists of an EHR system, Endoscopy Report Writer, practice management solution, patient portal, data analytics and revenue cycle management. gMed is a Preferred Olympus partner helping clients transition from EndoWorks.

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As physicians, we each make decisions differently. EMA learns your preferences and the most commonly chosen lab studies will populate first. EMA is so intuitive that it remembers your commonly seen chief complaints and automatically populates plans that you would use for common diagnoses.

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