modmed Ophthalmology EMA™ EHR
modmed Ophthalmology EMA™ EHR

The #1
EHR System

Combining the best that cloud EHR systems have to offer with the efficiency of specialty-specific software is only part of what makes EMA™ the #1 ophthalmology EHR¹ available.

¹2018 Black Book Market Research.

Right out of the box, our ophthalmology EHR provides you with over:

Chief complaints

Diagnoses with ICD-10 codes

Treatment plans and procedures

selecting plans and morphologies in EMA for ophthalmology

No More Adapting to Your EHR—EMA Adapts to You

Containing subspecialty workflows and clinical knowledge, our ophthalmology EHR provides what you need, when you need it. EMA’s adaptive learning engine recognizes your preferred methods, suggests your top diagnoses and treatments and even anticipates your next move. With a top-rated ophthalmology electronic health records system tailored specifically to your style of practice, you can work faster, without interruption, and with a virtual medical assistant by your side that thinks just like you do!

medical assistant documenting on ipad while ophthalmologist examines patient's eyes

Ophthalmology Practice Management Unhindered

Our #1 ophthalmology EHR is built for iPad use, freeing you up to move around the room and interact with patients instead of typing at a computer. Simply tap the screen to quickly document or show patients key information. All the while, your scribe can work in tandem with you from a desktop computer. At the end of the exam, our ophthalmology electronic medical records system automatically generates a written note and bill, suggesting CPT, ICD-10 and modifier codes for you based on your EMA data. Before the patient even leaves the room, your documentation can be done!

PocketEMA app on iPhone

Access Records Remotely

Since EMA is cloud-based, you don’t have to leave your records behind when you leave your office. With PocketEMA™, our ophthalmology electronic medical records app for your smartphone, you can connect to EMA from almost anywhere and check patient charts easily. In most states, you can even ePrescribe. In the office, the PocketEMA Apple Watch app helps make busy days easier by putting your schedule, chart notes, messages and more right on your wrist. Plus, a cloud-based ophthalmology EHR system means you can log in from virtually any iPad or computer—no need to buy, set up or maintain expensive onsite server equipment.

Superior Tech Empowers Superior Care

Drawing Board in EMA on iPad showing drusen

Illustrate Freely With the Drawing Board

Using your finger or an Apple Pencil, you can draw freehand on photos or eye diagrams, and your drawings will be automatically added to the appropriate parts of the patient record. Alternatively, choose from a library of prepopulated drawings or pull forward your previous drawing for the patient, edit it and save it to the current visit note. It’s just another way our leading EHR technology is Modernizing Medicine and shaping the future of ophthalmology software.

FlexSys patient and insurance billing

Manage Your Optical Inventory

Run your dispensary efficiently and effectively with this intuitive optical inventory solution that interfaces with our ophthalmology EHR. FlexSys combines optical sales, insurance processing of optical goods and reporting in one cutting-edge platform.

eye diagram in Rendia patient education video for cataracts

Educate Patients Easily

Rendia is educational software that blends stunning clinical artwork with interactive technology to help medical professionals and patients understand each other better.

applying a Protocol for postop cataract OD in EMA

Document Instantly With Protocols

To make the best ophthalmology EHR even better, we’ve created a way for you to document and code an entire visit with just a few taps. Our Protocols feature lets you create master visits for common conditions, procedures or post-op visits, then apply this information to any exam effortlessly. In a few clicks, you can record comprehensive patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment data, and our ophthalmology EHR will generate a note and bill just as it does for a regular visit.

EMA ophthalmology orders log showing orders for surgery and excisional lid biopsy

Stop the Surgical Orders Paper Trail

Easily manage all procedure and surgical orders generated by providers and staff in one place with EMA’s orders log. You can add due dates and schedule dates, upload attachments such as prior authorizations, and create and assign tasks to better manage personnel. Plus, keep required documents organized and fax directly from the orders log.

eye cross section diagram in EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas

Capture Data Visually With the Interactive Anatomical Atlas™

Taking ophthalmic illustrations to the next level, the Interactive Anatomical Atlas lets you zoom in and peel back its 3D layers to view the fundus, slit lamp, eye cross section and more. It’s an ideal tool for educating patients and, with anatomical locations preloaded, it can even pick the correct ICD-10 code automatically when you tap on the touchscreen display.

A Smarter Kind of Data

EMA benchmarking one practice's new patient E&M code utilization against other practices nationwide

Don’t Just Capture Information; Leverage It to Improve Outcomes

While other ophthalmology software gathers data as free text, EMA primarily collects structured data, so the system can understand what information means and how to harness it. This enables EMA to automate time-consuming tasks like coding as well as run powerful analytical studies. For instance, you can benchmark your E&M and eye code utilization against other providers in your practice and against CMS Medicare Part B utilization data. See what the best ophthalmology EHR looks like with a free demo.

EMA MIPS scorecard on iPad

Be Better Prepared for MIPS and MACRA

Now that Meaningful Use (MU) and PQRS have become part of MIPS, CMS is paying ophthalmologists on a curve. To maximize your chance of success under MIPS, it’s vital to know where you stand before the reporting deadline arrives, so you can adjust as needed. With powerful benchmarking tools, our built-in MIPS solution can help you do just that.

Modernizing Medicine®’s 2015 Edition Certified EMA ophthalmology EHR can not only compute your MIPS measures automatically within the flow of the exam, but also show you how we believe you’re performing compared to your peers. This can help you stay on track for MIPS success while dedicating more time to your patients. Learn more about MIPS and MACRA here.

Grand Rounds showing practice vs. nationwide prescription comparison for primary open-angle glaucoma

Practice Evidence-Based Medicine

Easily visualize patient progress over time with EMA Outcomes, part of our advanced ophthalmology EHR system. Plus, view top treatments for specific diseases by using Grand Rounds to learn from a nationwide community of your ophthalmology colleagues. By drawing on clinical evidence, these EMA medical features can enhance your diagnostic and treatment power to improve outcomes and quality of care.

encounter form populated with ICD-10 and CPT codes and modifiers

Make Ophthalmology ICD-10 Easy

Many ophthalmology EHR systems risk inaccurate coding and claim denials by forcing you to use ICD-10 codebooks, lookups or translation tools. EMA, on the other hand, uses Modernizing Medicine’s innovative technology to suggest specific ICD-10 codes automatically. Not only does this save time, but also our clients frequently discover that they improve their ophthalmology billing accuracy.

Modernizing Medicine Client Services team

Responsive, Personalized Support

Through onboarding and beyond, Modernizing Medicine offers award-winning training and support from dedicated team members.

What Is the Top Ranking Ophthalmology EHR System?

Black Book™ Research, an unbiased research organization, has conducted their yearly comprehensive survey of ophthalmologists and healthcare leaders nationwide. For the second year in a row, their choice for the #1 ophthalmology EHR system is EMA, Modernizing Medicine’s Cloud, Mobile, Touch solution for ophthalmology practices.

Real-World Results

Dr. Gilbert Wong saves

minutes per patient compared to his old EHR

eye care providers nationwide use EMA

eye care visits have been documented with EMA

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

Ajit Nemi, MD

Ajit Nemi, MD, Lotus Vision

“I am excited about making the switch and highly recommend EMA to any colleague considering a new ophthalmology EHR system. I wish this had been available when I first opened my practice. EMA really has made clinic more enjoyable and efficient for me.”

Christine Sykora, Practice Administrator, Advanced Eye Care SC

Christine Sykora, Practice Administrator, Advanced Eye Care SC

“We’re happy with the efficiency we’ve created with EMA. We used to see 650 patients a month on paper and now see over 900 a month with fewer providers and shorter hours. EMA has also been a contributing factor to the 26% increase in revenue we’ve experienced over the last five years.”

Alan R. Malouf, MD

Alan R. Malouf, MD, PA

“The ophthalmology EHR training and education we received were so thorough that we were able to continue with our existing patient flow and did not need to decrease our productivity during implementation. If we do need support, the Modernizing Medicine team is always responsive.”


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