Change is coming to E/M coding in 2021.

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You may know about it, but does your EHR?

There are many E/M coding changes that will go into effect on January 1, 2021, so you’ll want to make sure your staff and your EHR are up-to-speed.

Our EHR system, EMA, was designed to help make January 2021’s E/M changes easier on you and your practice. EMA auto-suggests medical coding based on your clinical documentation and MDM. You can choose to bill based on MDM or time, and you can always adjust your coding before you bill. No extra calculations or lookups needed.

Does your current EHR know what EMA knows?

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Our EMA EHR is part of an all-in-one suite that has these features and more, to help with the medical claims process:

  • Automatic Claims Scrubbing
    Our Practice Management system will scrub claims and help you catch mistakes prior to submission.
  • Easy Clearinghouse Access
    With Practice Management, there is no need to log in to the clearinghouse — you can easily view the status of your billed claims in the queue.
  • Business Operations Services
    Our team handles claims processing, payment collection and account reconciliation, so you can spend less time on the business side of running your practice.

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