Gastroenterology MIPS Solutions

Track Your Estimated MIPS Score, Get Personal MIPS Healthcare Coaching and Report to the GIQuIC Registry

Will you lose up to 9% of your 2024 Medicare reimbursements or earn up to a 9% bonus? It all depends on how you perform in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

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To help you achieve your MIPS goals, you’ll want robust technology that helps you demonstrate the high-quality care you provide, without a massive reporting burden. With a distinguished track record in gastroenterology value-based care, including MIPS submissions, ModMed® has your back. Our gGastro® suite, with the gGastro EHR created by gMed®, allows you to:

  • Collect MIPS data during the exam in our easy-to-use 2015 Edition ONC CEHRT-certified gastroenterology EHR.1
  • Track your estimated MIPS score in near real-time and adjust processes
  • Benefit from our industry leadership in GI value-based care and EHR content
  • See your progress on each reportable MIPS measure and category2
  • Report to the GIQuIC gastroenterology registry
  • Get one-on-one guidance from CMHP-Certified MIPS Advisors with gAdvisor3
  • Engage patients with our kiosk, patient portal, gReminder+ and gSurvey
  • Help satisfy the HIE Bi-Directional Exchange measure with Carequality Integration

1Review information related to our ONC CEHRT-certified products.
2 We do not provide estimates on cost data which is provided by CMS.
3 Available at an additional cost.

gGastro Knows Your Numbers

When it comes to your reimbursements and potential merit-based incentive payments, knowing what to expect is usually better than being surprised at the end of the year. That’s why our gGastro electronic health records (EHR) system comes with a built-in gastroenterology estimated MIPS scorecard for value-based healthcare.

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You can track your estimated MIPS Composite Score in near real-time in gGastro, factoring in your personal scores in the following weighted performance categories: Quality, Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities. When you know where you stand, you can be better equipped to make adjustments along the way and work towards achieving your goals in your MIPS reporting.

  • Customize your MIPS dashboard
  • Set reports to run daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand as needed.
  • Drill down to individual categories, measures and even patients
  • View 2022 Quality Benchmarks
  • Report Promoting Interoperability measures using 2015 Edition CEHRT
  • Easily generate a final file for submission

Report GI-Specific Measures With the GIQuIC Registry*

Designed to promote the highest-quality delivery of digestive health care, the GI Quality Improvement Consortium (GIQuIC) registry provides a GI-specific option for your Quality reporting.

Report GI-Specific Measures With the GIQuIC Registry*

Designed to promote the highest-quality delivery of digestive health care, the GI Quality Improvement Consortium (GIQuIC) registry provides a GI-specific option for your Quality reporting.

gGastro works with GIQuIC

Interested in using advanced tools to analyze your quality metrics and benchmark performance within the gGastro suite? Learn more about our gInsights™ data analytics platform.

gGastro supports GIQuIC submission to let you easily submit data without having to upload files manually. By using GIQuIC as a clinical data registry, you may be able to claim credit for one of the two Public Health and Clinical Data Registry reporting objectives within the PI category.

  • Report gastroenterology-specific quality measures
  • Demonstrate participation in improvement activities (IAs)
  • Choose whether to use gGastro or GIQuIC or both for submission
  • Benchmark against peers (providers)

A Personal Touch: gAdvisor MIPS Support*

ModMed’s gGastro suite already provides powerful value-based care tools, and gAdvisor provides the final piece of the puzzle: personal guidance to help you understand how to meet your goals.

How did gAdvisor™ Premium clients do on 2021 MIPS?**

Gastro Left Side
Gastro Right Side

Your practice’s CMHP-Certified MIPS Advisor will work with you to build your custom gastroenterology MIPS project plan and then help you execute it. They’ll also monitor your practice’s performance and workflows, helping you make adjustments as needed. The result? You can benefit from our experience and expertise while spending less time and resources on MIPS.

Learn more about gAdvisor and sign up today!

*Available at an additional cost.
**Numbers are estimated based on data collected by the Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology gAdvisor Premium service for the 2020 reporting year, using the MIPS scoring criteria published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); may not reflect scores for all MIPS categories; final results may vary. Prior performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

What Are MACRA and MIPS?

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) was signed into law on April 16, 2015. MACRA created the Quality Payment Program that includes the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, also known as MIPS.

MIPS consolidated prior value-based care programs into one system that rewards or penalizes eligible clinicians based on how they perform compared to their peers.

  • Report a score of 75+ points in the 2022 reporting year to avoid the up to -9% penalty on your part B reimbursements in 2024.
  • Report a score of 89+ points to earn a positive payment adjustment of up to +9% on your part B reimbursements in 2024.

CMS calculates your MIPS score based on four categories:

To learn more about MIPS and MACRA, visit CMS’ Quality Payment Program (QPP) site.

The Stakes Are High

Max Payment Adjustments

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded the first MIPS adjustments early in 2019 based on 2017 performance, and in the 2022 performance year, the stakes are high, with a payment adjustment of up to +/- 9%.

If you bill $1.5 million in Medicare in 2024, your MIPS score can decide whether you gain or lose up to


based on your 2022 performance.

In this changing environment, having a leading EHR vendor like ModMed to help equip you with the right people, processes and technology can help you streamline value-based care reporting and work towards achieving your MIPS goals.

Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson, Office Manager, Tri-County Gastroenterology

“My gAdvisor is phenomenal. She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and thorough. Her attention to detail has helped us understand things in a manner in which we did not before. She is always very responsive and available when we need her.”

Judy Jackson

Judy Jackson, Practice Manager, Springfield Gastroenterology

The reporting of quality measures for CMS’s MIPS program is often an added burden to the office staff, and gAdvisor has helped us manage that burden. We have an amazing and very knowledgeable advisor. We’re confident in her work, and it helps us understand if the work we’re doing is what’s needed to meet our reporting obligations.

See for yourself how the gGastro suite can help you meet your value-based care goals

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