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About Modernizing Medicine

Every day, we help physicians increase efficiencies in their medical practices while improving both treatment and business outcomes. We broke away from the crowd in the development of electronic medical record (EMR) systems so that we could deliver a dramatically different technology – the intelligent EMR system that thinks like a physician. To learn more about us, visit our company page.

Designed for medical specialties by practicing physicians, EMA intuitively adapts to each doctor’s unique style of practice and remembers their preferences. With simple touch-and-swipe technology and drawing capabilities at your fingertips in EMA, you can work faster and type only when you choose to.

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MIPS is ramping up in 2018, but we’ve still got you covered.

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Value-Based Healthcare… Made Easy

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We believe no one is more qualified for value-based healthcare, so we’re backing it up in a major way.

Our Pledge

Smart and Easy ICD-10

Built in, not bolted on

  • EMA intuitively knows the ICD-10 code based on the structured data in your exam notes.
  • No General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs). No added conversion software. Imagine if you knew ICD-10 codes by heart. EMA does.
  • Take the ICD-10 challenge. See how fast EMA's ICD-10 coding is, then compare it to the speed of any other EMR system's ICD-10 functionality.

Intelligent Coding

Efficient, accurate coding is easy with EMA. The bill generates effortlessly right along with your exam notes. No sorting through long lists of codes. This is powerful, built-in coding, free of General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs).

Watch this video on ICD-10 Learn more about ICD-10 in EMA

Specialty-Specific. Multiple Solutions. More Value.

Modernizing Medicine® gives you more than a leading specialty-specific electronic medical records (EMR) system. There’s nothing quite like EMA™ with its medical specialty focus and cloud-based technology. It works like you do. Our combined comprehensive services and solutions can help your entire office work like you want it to.

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When you use EMA, you get even more specialty-specific choices for better results. Modernizing Medicine can help your entire office achieve greater savings with the following offerings:

  • Specialty-specific revenue cycle management solutions (RCM)
  • Inventory management solution
  • Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) solution through EMA
  • EMA Cares suite of services

Learn more about selecting our comprehensive services with EMA →

The EMA Experience

The most intuitive user experience for an EMR system ever

Designed with three things in mind—speed, convenience and adaptability—our innovative architecture is built for doctors who want to move swiftly through their day with ease.EMA has been developed for you and the way you work: on the go and according to your specialty workflow. Tap and touch and you’re done. Charting, coding and billing are completed in real time at the point of care.

Physician to Physician

The best advice you can get on an EMR system is from another physician who uses it. Hear what our customers have to say. Get firsthand accounts from physicians with our video testimonials and case studies, or let us put you in touch with a physician who uses EMA.

Thanks to EMA’s increased efficiency and more accurate coding, I’ve been able to reduce my work schedule from four and a half days to three days a week while increasing my revenues.
I watched a demo and was completely blown away. This was an EMR that didn’t run on templates and macros, and would actually adapt to how I practiced. That day, I called up my EMR vendor, cancelled my contract and switched to EMA Dermatology.
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EMA enables us to make notes that are easier to write and to read. We’re much more efficient in our charting, and more efficient in our business. That has meant happier doctors and happier staff.
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