Your Solution for Population Health

Analytics, Registries, MIPS Quality Reporting and More

Your Solution for Population Health

Analytics, Registries, MIPS Quality Reporting and More

One-size-fits-all is great for certain things, but when it comes to population health and healthcare in general, it can be very limiting to a specialty practice. That’s why Modernizing Medicine® provides flexible, specialty-specific solutions that cater to the work you do. Combined with our structured data and cloud-based technology, this innovative approach puts us in an optimal position to support your population health management initiatives.

Why Choose Modernizing Medicine?

Powerful Population Health Solution

Our EMA® EHR solutions make it easy to identify at-risk patients, manage those with specific conditions and make data-driven decisions.

Cloud-based EMR System

While other companies may refresh your population health data quarterly, our EMA solutions deliver information in near-real time across all your practice locations through the Cloud. This helps you take action sooner, speeding up outcomes.

Patient Engagement Tools

To unlock the full potential of population health, you need to get your patients involved. Our patient engagement tools designed to work with EMA make it simple not only for patients to enter actionable data into the system, but also for you to analyze this data and communicate with at-risk patients.

Integrated Health IT Suite

Why waste time and money on expensive system interfaces or bridges? Modernizing Medicine provides an all-in-one solution for EHR, population health, practice management, patient portal and more.

Specialty-specific Approach

Our healthcare solutions are built by practicing specialty physicians to show you the metrics and registries that matter.

Structured, Actionable Data

While most medical records software collects free text, Modernizing Medicine’s EMA collects structured data, so you can systematically interpret, analyze and leverage your data—clinical, financial and operational.

Peer Benchmarking

EMA’s structured data and Cloud platform equip us to support analytical benchmarking. Our EMA solutions can allow you to compare outcomes with peers across our network of specialty physicians, helping you understand how you’re performing and what you could do to improve.

By using our solutions to unlock in-depth insights into quality, care utilization and population trends, you can deliver your best care faster and have a powerful set of tools to help you succeed in value-based reimbursement.

Driving Better Outcomes While Lowering Costs

Population health is all about improving the overall health of a designated population while lowering costs. As CMS and private payers provide increasing incentives for participating in population health, you’ll need more sophisticated data analytics tools to stay competitive.

Modernizing Medicine’s solutions can deliver near real-time insights into high-risk populations and specialty diseases. This can help you improve outcomes, cut costs, meet MIPS requirements and optimize efficiency.

How Population Health Affects Your Medicare Reimbursements in MIPS

In 2017, CMS rolled out MIPS, a new Medicare payment system that consolidates and replaces Meaningful Use (MU), PQRS and the Value-Based Modifier.

Population health management can factor into your MIPS score in three out of the four MIPS categories—Quality, Promoting Interoperability (PI; formerly Advancing Care Information) and Improvement Activities (IA). With Modernizing Medicine’s Analytics and registry solutions for population health, you can help your practice achieve success.