Registry Solutions

Your One-Stop Shop for Qualified MIPS Reporting and Other Registries

Registry Solutions

Your One-Stop Shop for Qualified MIPS Reporting and Other Registries

Based on client experiences, estimates show that submitting 2017 data through our MIPS Registry typically took about

1-5 minutes

Under MIPS, you may need to send data to registries to advance public health and demonstrate high quality of care. Otherwise, you may face reductions in your Medicare reimbursements or miss out on potential increases.

However, tracking quality measures and accessing registries can be extremely complex and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve worked to make EMR registry usage easy with our seamless registry solutions.

With our MIPS CQM and automated Specialized Registries, you can skip the hassle of manual registry reporting. Plus, we enable you to participate in a wide range of state and specialty registries.

To help support your success, our specialty-specific suite also gives you:

  • Real-time performance reports
  • Benchmarking tools
  • Educational materials
  • Options for specialist support

Looking for GIQuIC instead?

Quality Measure Reporting Service

Succeed Stress-Free With MIPS Quality Reporting

Don’t fall into the trap of EMR systems that are not built to help you achieve value-based care success. Our Quality Measure Reporting Service makes participation easy, letting you track your quality measures and estimated MIPS composite score in EMA®. You’ll get powerful tools that streamline the entire process, from automated data collection to easy submission, so you can spend less time on reporting.

MIPS Quality category scorecard and measures in EMA

How Does It Work?

Thanks to our structured data approach, EMA can automatically compute the majority of Quality measures within the flow of the exam, format your data for submission and generate performance reports. Then, when you use our Quality Measure Reporting Service, you can easily transmit certain MIPS measures to CMS-qualified registries for MIPS Quality reporting.

Available registries include:

  • Modernizing Medicine®, Inc. MIPS CQM
  • Healthmonix’s MIPSPRO™
To sign up for Quality measure reporting in EMA, email

Specialized Registries

By reporting to disease-specific registries, you may be able to meet certain measures in the Promoting Interoperability (formerly Advancing Care Information) category of MIPS.

We’ve created a way for EMA users to do this without the usual hassle of public health registry reporting: Modernizing Medicine Specialized Registries.

Since these Specialized Registries are integrated with EMA, EMA can easily report to them—all you need to do is make sure you’re collecting the appropriate data during patient encounters, and our technology can take it from there.

These registries are available to our EMA clients at no extra cost, and we encourage you to utilize any that are relevant to the conditions you treat.

Simply opt in with a few clicks to begin your use of our Specialized Registries, all while contributing to population health.

Prescribing patterns report showing practice performance benchmarked against national registry data

As our client, you can also gain access to analytical tools that let you see how your patients are doing and how you’re performing compared to your peers. By tracking these metrics, you can make adjustments to increase your chances of success under MIPS. Plus, dig even deeper into population health and your practice’s performance by adding our clinical, financial and operational Analytics platform.

Please visit our modmed® Central knowledge base to learn how to enable Specialized Registries and view a list of supported registries.

Support for Third-Party Registries

More Options for Meeting Public Health Measures

In addition to our Specialized Registries, you can also report to certain third-party registries.

As an industry pioneer in cancer registry interfaces, we enable you to send cancer data to registries in the majority of US states. For some specialty registries, we can even provide performance analytics and benchmarking tools.

Supported third-party registries include:

Specialty registries

To learn how submission works for each third-party registry type, please see our educational materials on ModMed Central and modmed® U. For details on a specific registry’s requirements and registration process, please reach out to the registry.

MIPS Support Services

Profit From Our Experience

To help you perform at your best on MIPS, we offer additional Modernizing Medicine support services as part of our MIPS Advising program. Our MIPS specialists can monitor your progress, offer guidance, assist you during submission and more, making it easier for you to receive a positive Medicare payment adjustment.

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