Registry Solutions

Registry Solutions to Help Improve
Reporting and Patient Outcomes

Registry Solutions

Registry Solutions to Help Improve
Reporting and Patient Outcomes

Why Registries?

Clinical registries bring data together from multiple sources, offering insights into actual clinical practices. Registries can help you:

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Increase Efficiency

Registries that connect to CMS and other organizations help simplify data collection, analysis and reporting.
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Provide Quality Care

Registries that monitor diseases, treatment effectiveness and outcomes can help with clinical decision-making.
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Meet MIPS Requirements

MIPS registries can help you demonstrate quality care and avoid reductions in your Medicare reimbursements.

Our MIPS Registry Solutions

Skip the hassle of manual registry reporting with ModMed registries.

MIPS Registry Solutions for EMA® Clients

We support MIPS reporting through our qualified registry, Healthmonix’s MIPSPRO™ and eight clinical data registries. Plus, we enable you to participate in a wide range of state and third-party registries.

As our client, you’ll also have access to our Analytics platform, which can help you stay on track to meet your MIPS score goals with real-time MIPS scoring, benchmarking and outcomes trending.*

MIPS Registry Solutions for gGastro® Clients

The GI Quality Improvement Consortium (GIQuIC) registry provides a GI-specific option for your Quality reporting. gGastro supports GIQuIC submission that makes it easier to record and submit your data.

*Scores are estimated based on the MIPS scoring criteria published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Information relating to our EHR certification, including certain costs and limitations, can be found at modmed.com/costs-and-limitations

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Built-in MIPS Reporting Service

Our EMA and gGastro EHR systems help you spend less time on reporting, with automated data collection, intuitive dashboards to help you track your score, and easy submission.

Need Extra MIPS Support?**

To help you perform at your best on MIPS, our MIPS Advisors can monitor your progress, offer guidance, assist you during submission and more.

Select Your Specialty to Learn More

**Available for an additional fee.

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ModMed Clinical Data Registries for EMA Clients

Since our clinical data registries are integrated with our EHR, EMA, all you need to do is make sure you’re collecting the appropriate data during patient encounters, and our technology can take it from there. You can view this information in ModMed Analytics.

As our client, these registries will be available to you within EMA and we encourage you to utilize any that are relevant to the conditions you treat.

By reporting to ModMed clinical data disease registries, you may be able to meet certain bonus measures in the Promoting Interoperability category of MIPS.

Simply opt in with a few clicks to begin your use of our clinical data registries, all while contributing to population health.

ModMed clients can visit our ModMed U knowledge base to learn how to enable ModMed clinical data registries and view a list of supported registries.

†May be available for an additional fee.

Support for Third-Party Registries

Having access to third-party registries gives you more options for meeting public health measures. Our team has developed data delivery tools to support participation in these registries.

For more information about how submission works for each third-party registry, we’ve provided information on our ModMed U knowledge base for clients.
For details on a specific registry’s requirements and registration process, please reach out to the registry.
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For more information about our registry solutions, please call 561.235.7505