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modmed Pain Management's innovative EHR system

Speed. Convenience. Adaptability.

Undoubtedly, those requirements are at the top of your list when considering an EHR system. Turns out, they’re what we based EMA on as well. The speed of tap-and-touch technology to eliminate tedious typing. The convenience of having features to help you stay compliant with new requirements. And the adaptability of a system that learns your unique workflow and then mimics it.

MACRA, MIPS and Pain Management

How emphasis on quality over volume is changing the way you get paid.

When the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) was signed into law in 2015, it immediately shifted the thought process behind Medicare payments. Soon, physicians will enjoy positive payment adjustments for providing higher quality care. Should they not meet those standards, however, practices could experience negative payment adjustments. And it can add up fast.

Learn more about MACRA and MIPS here.

MACRA combined three existing quality reporting programs, PQRS, MU and the Value-based Payment Modifier, and added a new program called Practice Improvement to create the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

When MACRA and MIPS roll out in 2017, data will be key. Having an EHR system like EMA to automate structured data and provide analytics will be crucial to how your practice fares.

Here are five ways EMA addresses MACRA and MIPS to help you thrive in 2017 and beyond:

  1. Real Patient Engagement and Analytical Tools
  2. Automated Quality Data
  3. Population Health Registries
  4. A Pledge to Interoperability
  5. Professional Support

Increase Efficiencies with EMA

EMA is designed by practicing pain management physicians to take advantage of mobile technology and help you move quickly and efficiently through your day. It’s a cloud-based, template-free system that documents uniquely for each patient and codes for billing at the point of care. When the exam is complete, your charting and coding will be too.

To help you optimize your entire practice, our pain management-specific suite goes beyond EHR to offer even more Cloud, Mobile, Touch solutions:

  • Practice Management: the seamless system for improving office efficiency and revenue
  • Advisory Services: specialist MIPS coaching that helps you earn more with less time and work
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Document an entire visit with just a few clicks.

An ideal timesaving feature, Protocols lets you create master visits for frequently encountered conditions so you can record patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment information once and then effortlessly apply it to exams like routine visits, new patients and pre- and post-operative instruction. More Info

Success Stories


Aneesh Singla MD

Aneesh Singla, MD, MPH

“Before we went through the vetting process, I wasn’t confident any EHR system would live up to our accuracy or efficiency on paper. EMA has proven me wrong, saving me at least five minutes per patient encounter. I have the ability to see the same volume of patients that I was with paper — sometimes even more.”



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