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ModMed OBGYN software suite

Does your OBGYN EHR know what’s next?

Our adaptive OBGYN electronic health records system (or EHR) learns from you and becomes more personalized and intuitive the more you use it. It doesn’t just tailor itself to you, it adapts to every provider in your practice.

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Our OBGYN EHR takes care of you the way you take care of patients

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Spend less time prepping for patient visits

Our OBGYN EHR puts information on a single screen: patient history, results, medications, images and more.
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Get helpful tools and guidance

Our OBGYN EHR provides decision-making support as you move through your workflow, helping you breathe easier.
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Reduce extra clicks and typing

Walk out of the office with your last patient, thanks to an efficient system that adapts to your clinical preferences.

Right out of the box, EMA provides you with access to content
that includes over:


Diagnoses and impressions*

Procedures and plans*

*As of September 2023

What ModMed Users Are Saying

Joseph Atzenbeck, Chief Executive Officer and Clinic Administrator

Joseph Atzenbeck, Chief Executive Officer and Clinic Administrator

“My clinic learned the hard way that ModMed was the way to go. Only after transitioning from our legacy system did we realize that ModMed allowed us to see well over 20% more patients, in just the first month alone.”*

Nigel Spier, MD, Medical Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology at ModMed

Nigel Spier, MD, Medical Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology at ModMed

“With our iPad EHR app, you can document in real time in the exam room, at the point of care, like you were trained to do — not at your desk at the end of the day.”

* Results may vary depending on medical practice size, product usage and other variables.

Designed With the Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Mind

Take a look at some of the ways we’ve tailored our obstetrics and gynecology EHR to you, helping you speed through your workday.

Document visually to improve efficiency on iPad

Document visually to improve efficiency

Document your findings and biopsy sites with the Anatomical Atlas™. Our EHR automatically generates site-specific notes, suggested codes, lab orders and more.

Gynecomastia prescription comparison in EMA Grand Rounds

Keep a comprehensive pregnancy record

Assess genetic risks, environmental exposures and potential problems with an antepartum record that can be sent to hospitals and other health systems.

An image showcasing GYN problems under GYN history.

Monitor potential risks and problems

The OB Management list constantly gathers information. For example, if a patient is over 35, it flags that advanced maternal age should be added to the management profile.

Track important pregnancy metrics on an iPad

Track important pregnancy metrics

The prenatal flow sheet isn’t a static fill-in-the-blank document. Our OBGYN EHR can recognize outlier values from it and recommend diagnoses from the management list.

An image of ultrasound images.

Store images in the cloud

Ultrasound images from compatible devices are viewable directly from the patient’s chart. Review images with your patients or add annotations from your iPad or computer.

An image showcasing our labs interface.

Keep that vital connection to labs

It’s easy to submit orders electronically and receive results from over 1,200 connected clinical, pathology and genetic labs right from our EHR.

Suite Feature Tablet Easily

Automate tedious coding tasks

Our OBGYN EHR captures all of the billing information throughout a patient’s pregnancy, delivery and postpartum visits. Coding information is housed within a dedicated OB package making it easy to reference and bill for services.

An image showing the patient’s GYN History

Just a few taps and you’re done

Unlike templates, our Protocols generate your suggested note, ICD-10 codes, CPT codes and modifiers, along with your eRX, lab requisition, order logs, patient education materials and referral letters.

Import patient history application screenshot

Import patient history from previous visits

During follow-ups, it’s easy to review and bring forward relevant history from previous visits, so you can reference the information and save time documenting.

Does your practice do maternal fetal medicine or aesthetics?

Whether your practice manages high-risk pregnancies or is expanding to cater to the aesthetics market, our EHR includes the workflows and medical content you’ll need — it’s already built-in.

An image of pregnant woman behind an image of our software.

Ready to discover our full suite of solutions?

Our cloud-based EHR for OBGYNs serves as the foundation of our software suite, which includes Practice Management, Patient Engagement tools, Analytics and more.

Built by doctors who code

To build OBGYN EMR software the right way, we believe that you have to get doctors involved in the process. So, we hire working physicians and teach them how to code. This approach makes our software feel like something our customers would design for themselves, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meet our medical directors

Hung Ecklund, MD Board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology

“What’s remarkable about our EHR is the ability of the doctor to make changes on the fly while caring for a patient. It will remember the doctor’s changes and adapt. In time, the program feels very personalized to the needs of the individual doctor.”

  • Board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology
  • OBGYN at Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • MD from Yale University School of Medicine
  • Has practiced medicine for over 20 years
Nigel A. Spier, MD Board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology

“Using an iPad, doctors are able to document with a more natural interface, in real time, with the patient in the exam room, when and where it matters most, without being tied to a desktop or stuck behind a laptop screen.”

  • Board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology
  • Vice Chief of Staff at Memorial Regional Hospital
  • MD from McGill University, residency at GW University
  • Has practiced medicine for over 25 years

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