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Analytics by Modernizing Medicine®

Turn data into insights

Do you know where your practice is losing money or what you could do to improve your care? Analytics makes it simple to find out.

Thanks to our actionable data technology, we don’t just provide static reports with a few basic metrics like other vendors do. Instead, we give you powerful, interactive dashboards comprehensive enough to reveal the answers you need.

Bringing together all your clinical, financial and operational data, Analytics lets you apply filters, compare with peers and drill down from enterprise to patient level in just a few clicks. With a 360-degree view of your practice’s health, you can easily pinpoint ways to improve efficiency, outcomes and revenue.


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Deeper Insights. Better Outcomes.

Analytics includes three data packages:


Visualize and benchmark high-level clinical data to find trends in coding, visit volume and more

  • Find specific patients to market to
  • See how referring providers affect your bottom line
  • Track utilization rates for modifiers 25 and 59

See how you’re performing relative to your specialty peers nationwide in real time

  • Identify patients lost to follow-up for high-risk diagnoses
  • Analyze E&M distribution and outbound referral patterns
  • Track and benchmark outcomes to beat the curve and earn more under MIPS

If you use Practice Management, dig deep into virtually every stage of your revenue cycle

  • Spot reimbursement trends before they affect cash flow
  • View charges, payments and adjustments by payer group
  • Create custom reports and dashboards
  • Available now
  • Planned for 2017+