Unlock Actionable Insights With Our Powerful Data Intelligence Platform


Unlock Actionable Insights With Our Powerful Data Intelligence Platform


Unlock Actionable Insights With Our Powerful Data Intelligence Platform

What could you do to improve your care?
Is your practice losing money? If so, where?

Analytics from Modernizing Medicine® makes it easy to find these answers and so much more. Rather than limiting you to a few basic metrics, our structured data approach gives you comprehensive analytical tools with the flexibility to reveal valuable answers. And because it’s cloud-based, our platform can do much more than show you last year’s benchmarks—it lets you compare your performance with peers. This can help you get ahead of the curve to help you increase your income under MIPS while improving quality and population health.

Analytics includes three report categories:

Administrative Analytics

Visualize and benchmark clinical data at a high level

  • Find specific patients to follow-up with
  • See how referring providers affect your bottom line
  • Analyze visit volume trends, plus CPT and ICD-10 code distribution

Provider Analytics

See how you’re performing relative to your specialty peers in real time

  • Identify patients lost to follow-up for high-risk diagnoses
  • Analyze E&M distribution and outbound referral patterns
  • Track and benchmark outcomes

Financial Analytics

If you use Practice Management, dig deep into your billing revenue cycle

  • Spot reimbursement trends before they affect cash flow
  • View charges, payments and adjustments by payer group
  • Track month-over-month changes in A/R
filters graphic

Filtering Capabilities

Filter each report by a wide range of parameters, such as:

  • Date
  • Provider
  • ICD-10 or CPT code
  • Facility
  • Modifier
  • Tax ID
  • Treatment plan
  • Medication
  • Pathology results
  • And much more
Augmenting the built-in reports in EMA™ and Practice Management, Analytics brings together the clinical, financial and operational data that you collect inside our suite. In just a few clicks, you can drill down from enterprise level to provider level and even patient level.

By tracking, benchmarking and truly understanding your performance with Analytics, you can help uncover ways to improve—efficiency, profitability, patient outcomes and beyond. This, in turn, puts your practice in a better position for long-term success.

Get the Answers That Matter Most to You



  • Which melanoma or cosmetic patients do I need to follow up with?
  • Where am I referring patients for specialty procedures like laser, phototherapy and Mohs? Should I bring those procedures in-house?
  • What may be causing my surgical infection rate to increase for procedures like biopsies and excisions? What could I do differently to help lower it?
  • In the past six months, which primary care physicians referred me the most acne and basal cell carcinoma patients? How does that differ for each provider at my practice?
  • Which patients are due for labs or high-risk medication monitoring?
Dry eye syndrome report


Find out:

  • Which diabetic patients have missed their retinopathy check-ups?
  • Which of my patients were evaluated for an elective procedure like Lasik but did not undergo it?
  • Where am I sending complex retina cases? Should I hire a retina specialist to handle them in-house?
  • Which referring physician sent me the most patients this year?
  • How do my costs compare to national benchmarks?
Orders report showing volume, status, priority and location

Orthopedic Surgeons


  • Where am I referring my complex hand and ankle cases? Is it time to bring them in-house?
  • Which physical therapists referred me the most patients?
  • Which patients did I send to physical therapy, and to whom did I refer them?


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