Beyond Patient Engagement Patient Collaboration Tools for Gastroenterology

Beyond Patient Engagement Patient Collaboration Tools for Gastroenterology

What GI Patients Want

While you’re diagnosing your patients, they’re diagnosing your practice — and posting about it. In fact, 59% of patients are likely to provide feedback via online review.* That’s why we have Patient Collaboration tools to help you raise patient satisfaction and practice efficiency. By pairing gKiosk™ and gPortal™ with our Klara-powered features, you can go beyond patient engagement.

Ways to Engage Your Patients


Front desk staff member checking a patient in via iPad


Patient logging into a patient portal at home via laptop


Patient texting a designated practice phone number

Two-Way Messaging

Patient texting their provider on the go

Broadcast Messaging

Patient getting a text notification from their provider’s office

Appointment Reminders

Patient confirming their appointment attendance via text

Visit Instructions & Forms

Patient reviewing appointment and procedure information on their mobile device

Satisfaction Surveys

Patient answering a question about provider quality of service via mobile

gPortal Gastroenterology Patient Portal

Streamline Communication to Help Improve Patient Satisfaction

Provide patient access around the clock with this robust patient health portal. Seamlessly integrated with the gGastro EHR and gPM practice management system, it’s designed to keep your patients satisfied and engaged. They can even pay online, helping make patient collections simpler for your staff and friendlier for your patients.

male and female smiling, pointing at paperwork and working on a laptop
physician with stethoscope typing on a laptop on a gastroenterology portal login screen
male and female smiling, pointing at paperwork and working on a laptop

With gPortal, patients can:

  • Confirm, cancel or reschedule upcoming appointments
  • See outstanding balances – if your practice uses gPM
  • Pay bills online
  • Send private messages and request refills
  • Receive email notifications when new materials are available
  • Grant access to an authorized representative
  • Share their health summary with other care providers
  • View:
    • Electronic medical records
    • Orders
    • Lab results
    • Patient education
  • Review and update their own records, including:
    • Review of systems
    • Medical history
    • Medications
physician with stethoscope typing on a laptop on a gastroenterology portal login screen

You and your staff can:

  • Communicate with patients through encrypted messaging
  • Review and accept patients’ data edits
  • Automatically invite patients to the portal when creating an appointment
  • Keep track of patient activity with our searchable access log
  • Send billing-related messages right from the gPM collections queue
  • Collect certain MIPS data for patient engagement
  • Reduce staff time spent on data entry
  • Send automated appointment reminders through the patient online portal
  • Generate tasks from portal messages
  • Configure:
    • Which data patients can view and edit
    • Your portal page with a welcome message and practice branding
    • Login security preferences
    • And much more


With call-to-text functionality at the core of Patient Collaboration, Klara converts phone calls into a single message thread so you can keep all your patients’ information in one place. Empower patients to reduce their hold times and lower call volume at your practice.

Two-Way Messaging

With busy patients who are hard to reach during office hours, it’s especially important to offer communication options beyond phone calls. Enable your staff to talk to patients via text, and allow patients to respond to messages on their mobile phones. No portal login or app download required. Now, you can get patients the information they need — faster.

Two-Way Messaging
Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast Messaging

Reach your patients at scale in mere minutes with Klara Broadcast Messaging. Whether it’s inclement weather, an unexpected office closure, or a change in a provider’s schedule, broadcast messages keep your patients informed when time is of the essence.

Message patients by:

  • Schedule
  • Provider
  • Appointment type
  • Custom groupings

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and keep upcoming appointments top of mind for your patients. Klara Appointment Reminders automate patient outreach with personalized previsit text messages that prompt your patients to confirm attendance.

Appointment Reminders
Pre-Visit Care Instructions and Digital Forms

Pre-Visit Care Instructions and Digital Forms

Help patients feel prepared for their appointments by sending customizable previsit instructions to keep important information at their fingertips. Attach and collect intake and consent forms via text. Include helpful arrival information, such as parking or procedure prep instructions, in your messages.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Get feedback and actionable insights postvisit. Patient engagement and satisfaction surveys help you gauge sentiment with autogenerated, customizable texts. With question flows and prompts based on patient responses, you can encourage online reviews and let less satisfied patients provide feedback privately. Improve your online reputation and practice operations with insights straight from your patients.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfied patients are just a text message away

Get a personalized tour of our Patient Collaboration tools for GI practices.

*According to the “2022 ModMed® Patient Experience Report” conducted by independent research firm OnePoll.