The Award-Winning
Specialty-Specific EHR System

The Award-Winning Specialty-Specific EHR System

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

ModMed Plastic Surgery software suite on iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch

The #1
Plastic Surgery
EHR System

No one understands your work better than a fellow plastic surgeon. That’s why we enlisted board-certified specialists to help create the #1 plastic surgery EHR* system.

  • Subspecialties include: reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine
  • Easy touch-based plastic surgery EMR solution
  • Automated notes and bills
  • Built-in ICD-10 plastic surgery codes
  • Better overall patient experiences
  • Robust MIPS dashboard
  • Award-winning** User Experience (UX)

*2024 Black Book

**2020 SaaS Awards: ”Best Saas for Healthcare” and “Best UX or UI Design in a SaaS Product”

An image of a laptop and the 2024 Black Book seal.

#1 plastic surgery-specific EHR

Right out of the box, EMA® provides you with over:

Chief complaints

Diagnoses with ICD-10 codes

Treatment plans and procedures

Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

Andrew Rosenthal, MD, Medical Director of Plastic Surgery

Andrew Rosenthal, MD, Medical Director of Plastic Surgery

“The iPad allows me to engage with the patient and make them feel they have my full attention. I can access images and drawings from their chart and print educational material with just a few taps. The technology is not a hindrance to the patient encounter; it’s an enhancement.”

Stephanie Beidler Teotia, MD

Stephanie Beidler Teotia, MD

“EMA has been a blessing for my practice. It has reduced personnel, allows for access of patient records 24/7 and works well for both cosmetic and reconstructive patients.”

The EMR Tailored to You

You don’t work the same way as every other plastic surgeon, so why should your EMR system? Using its adaptive learning engine, EMA adjusts to your unique style of practice and recognizes your preferences, such as suture or implant types. It even suggests your top diagnoses and treatments and anticipates your next move, so you can work faster. Our approach of teaching practicing physicians how to program EMR systems is what makes EMA feel like you designed it yourself.

Smarter Data for Better Outcomes

selecting impressions in EMA for plastic surgery on iPad

EMA Doesn’t Just Collect Information. It Understands It.

Structured data empowers you to thrive in today’s healthcare environment in ways that free-text EMRs can’t. It can help you discover how your practice is truly performing and put your plastic surgery practice in a better position for long-term success.

Powerful analytics, for instance, can help you improve your care and profitability. Plus, structured data can free up time by automating tasks like ICD-10 plastic surgery coding and aspects of MIPS reporting.

Gynecomastia prescription comparison in EMA Grand Rounds

Greater Diagnostic and Treatment Power

Easily access data that helps you make better decisions. EMA Outcomes provides a visual timeline of each patient’s progress, while Grand Rounds synthesizes clinical data from plastic surgeons nationwide to show you the most common treatments for specific diseases.

ICD-10 and CPT codes and modifiers populated on EMA encounter form

Easy ICD-10 Coding

Why spend time searching for the right medical ICD-10 codes? Instead of using code lookups, General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs) or ICD-9 code to ICD-10 translators, EMA has them built in. It even suggests your CPT, E&M and modifier codes as well as benchmarking your E&M code utilization against other providers in your practice and against CMS Medicare Part B utilization data.

By harnessing this plastic surgery EMR technology, you can improve billing accuracy.

doctor and patient in exam room both pointing at iPad

Focus on What Matters Most

We took the best plastic surgery EMR system qualities and made them even better with our Cloud, Mobile, Touch EMA technology. Since it’s iPad-based, EMA gives you the freedom to move around the room and connect with your patients instead of turning your back on them to type. Simply tap the screen to instantly document and display key information, and EMA automatically generates a complete note and bill at the end of the visit.

When you spend less time documenting and more time practicing, you can deliver topnotch care that sets your plastic surgery practice apart from the competition.

man in button-down shirt using PocketEMA app on iPhone

Freedom to Practice Virtually Wherever, Whenever

With EMA, your data is stored in the cloud and protected by security protocols, so you can stay connected with patients even when you’re working from home or attending a conference. PocketEMA™, our plastic surgery app for iPhone and Android, makes it quick and easy to access patient records and send in prescriptions.* And when you’re rushing around the office, you can use your Apple Watch to view chart notes, messages, your schedule and more at a glance.

Having a cloud-based plastic surgery EMR system also eliminates the time and expense of server setup and maintenance—just log in from virtually any iPad or computer, and EMA is good to go!

*Available in most states.

Documentation Made Visual

iPad integrated photography for botox aging face in EMA for plastic surgery

Integrated Photography

Take before-and-after photos on your iPad and add them straight to the patient health record. You can even connect each photo to a specific visit or procedure.

3d body diagram showing muscles L4 in EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas

Interactive Anatomical Atlas™

This 3D body illustration allows you to zoom in and peel back the skin to reveal muscles, joints, tendons and organs. Patients love it, and since there are tens of thousands of anatomical locations preloaded, it populates the ICD-10 codes automatically when you tap the image.

drawing Botox injection points on 3d face diagram in EMA for plastic surgery

Innovative Drawing Board

Draw freehand on photos or the Interactive Anatomical Atlas and attach your drawings to the electronic patient record. You can illustrate plastic surgery procedures, plan surgical incisions, document injectables and set realistic post-op expectations with your patient.

Get More Done in Fewer Steps

electronically signing a patient consent form for laser in EMA

Electronic Consent Forms

Upload existing plastic surgery consent forms or create custom forms fast on the iPad app. Patients can sign with their finger or an Apple Pencil, and you can instantly save the form to the electronic medical record.

selecting from available plastic surgery Protocols in EMA on iPad

Time-Saving Protocols

For common plastic surgery consultations, operative notes and post-op appointments, you can create “master visits” with comprehensive patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment data. In one click, you can apply this pre-populated information to document an entire visit.

Virtual Solutions. Real-World Results.

Our clients have seen EMA’s advantages. We believe that’s why EHR users and healthcare leaders nationwide ranked EMA #1 among plastic surgery EHR systems for eight consecutive years in large-scale Black Book™ studies.

First-Class Client Services

Through onboarding and beyond, you can trust our dedicated Modernizing Medicine® Support team members to help you get the most out of EMA.

Achieve MIPS Success

Now that CMS pays plastic surgeons on a curve under MACRA and MIPS, EMA’s comprehensive MIPS solution can help you stay on track. Based on the data you capture within the flow of the exam, EMA can automatically compute MIPS measures, format data for submission and provide an estimated performance dashboard with peer benchmarking.

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