Help Save Time and Improve Patient Satisfaction


Help Save Time and Improve Patient Satisfaction

In today’s environment, ePrescribing can be key for both meeting governmental requirements and delivering the high-quality, convenient care patients love. That’s why our cloud-based EMR system, EMA®, is certified with Surescripts, the industry leader in ePrescribing, to offer a variety of advanced functionalities.

doctor using PocketEMA app on iPhone in front of window

ePrescribe From Your iPad, Phone or Computer

As you move through a visit, EMA technology automatically writes and queues new ePrescriptions based on what you’ve documented and how you like to treat specific diseases.

With one click, send your chosen prescription straight to the patient’s preferred pharmacy, and EMA will add it to the medical history. And, in most states, you can even use the EMA smartphone app, PocketEMA™, to write and submit new prescriptions quickly or send a queued prescription instantly. Meanwhile, pharmacies can send you refill requests electronically.

writing and sending an ePrescription for oxycodone using EMA on desktop

Why ePrescribe?

Combined with the best EHR systems, pharmaceutical prescription efficiency helps save time for:

  • You
  • Your patients
  • Pharmacies nationwide
Sample of Electronic Prior Authorization

Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

Get prescriptions processed more efficiently. You can initiate and track prior authorizations right from EMA’s ePA Rx queue. Once the payer receives the ePA, you can answer their questions, upload visits or attachments, submit, and appeal denials. Once it’s approved, you can ePrescribe as usual.

ePrescription for narcotic in EMA on iPad

ePrescribe Controlled Substances

For even greater convenience, we allow you to add on ePrescribing of controlled substances. Available in most states, this feature works on both your iPad and your computer and helps combat controlled substance fraud and abuse.

Prescription History on iPad showing past prescriptions, dosages and dates

Easily View and Import Prescription History Data

Pull up a patient’s past medications and fill history from community pharmacies on your iPad or computer, then import this data straight into the patient health record. With instant access to what was prescribed, when, how much and whether it was filled, you can help speed up patient intake and reduce data entry errors. Plus, monitor patient adherence to therapy while helping prevent overprescribing and adverse drug events.

Formulary checks in EMA on iPad showing plan, drug tier, coverage factors and more

Take Advantage of EMA’s Formulary Feature

As you write pharmaceutical prescriptions, EMA’s Formulary feature shows you eligibility, benefits and formulary information. EMA also checks for eligible coupons and automatically sends the pharmacy an eCoupon if one is available.

These cost-saving features of our EHR software can also help improve patient adherence to medication, a benefit we’re especially proud to provide!

Real-time prescription benefit showing patient cost for pulmozyme 1 mg solution in EMA

Get Prescription Price Transparency Up Front

Our goal is to help you and your patient choose the most clinically appropriate treatment at the most affordable price. With Real-Time Prescription Benefit, EMA can show the dollar amount your patient will likely have to pay for a medication before you even prescribe it. By helping eliminate sticker shock at the pharmacy, you can help keep patients satisfied while also reducing pharmacy callbacks to your office.

As a powerful price transparency tool, Real-Time Prescription Benefit even lets you compare up to five drug alternatives and three delivery channel options, with no preferential treatment for specific drugs or channels.

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

Martha Robinson, MD

Martha Robinson, MD

“My patients and I love EMA’s ePrescribing features. I work in an older community, and my patients are used to getting paper prescriptions. When I hit the ‘ePrescribe’ button in EMA and tell them their prescription is already at the pharmacy, they’re amazed. It’s a great convenience for them.”

David Todd DeVries, MD

David Todd DeVries, MD, Central Dermatology Center

“ePrescribing with EMA has demonstrated unequivocal success. It has proven timesaving capabilities and decreased the risk of errors. Generating notes, prescriptions and refills with EMA is far simpler than with my previous EHR system.”

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