Practice Management

The Game-Changing System for Office Workflow and Patient Payments

Practice Management

The Game-Changing System for Office Workflow and Patient Payments

Practice Management

The Game-Changing System for Office Workflow and Patient Payments

office staff using practice management and interacting with patients

We asked our clients what they wanted in a practice management (PM) system. The overwhelming answer? An all-in-one solution that could combine scheduling, document management, billing and reporting into one easy-to-use software solution integrated with Modernizing Medicine®’s EMA™. So we worked with practicing physicians, medical professionals and their staff to build one.

With Modernizing Medicine’s Practice Management system, you can:

  • Help streamline check-in, check-out, billing, scheduling and collections
  • Measure your business’s health with metrics-driven reports
  • Empower staff to speak about charges at check-in and checkout
  • Adopt a comprehensive billing approach

Features for All Practice Roles

Patient financials on laptop

Financial Managers

  • Billing workflow with financial dashboards, tasks and reports
  • Claim scrubbing prior to payer submission
  • Automated claim file submission and posting of remittance advice
  • Built-in reporting tools for analyzing rejections, denials and more
Financials tab showing financial responsibility and copay

Front Desk

  • Detailed, automated eligibility verification before appointments
  • Straightforward financials showing patient balances at check-in and checkout
  • Integrated appointment and payment management processing
  • Appointment Finder pinpoints time slots based on chosen criteria
  • All-in-one EHR/PM solution displays follow-up care details, next steps and provider recommendations at checkout

Medical Staff

  • Check-in alerts on the iPad showing patient status and room location
  • Seamless communication with billing staff in real time
  • PocketEMA™ app for viewing your schedule on your smartphone
  • Simplified fee schedules to manage fees from within the visit settings
  • Combined access to clinical and financial patient data

Practice Administrators

  • Tools for managing your revenue cycle
  • Reports showing your key performance metrics at a glance
  • Integrated suite eliminating expensive system interfaces between your PM and EHR
  • Client support services to help keep your practice running smoothly

Bridge the Gap Between the Front and Back Office

Skip the pricey software interface and experience the power of a true all-in-one solution. By working together, our Practice Management and EMA software systems can unify your clinical, financial and operational data and processes within a single healthcare suite.

Medical Expertise Meets Business Acumen

From pre-visit to post-visit, Modernizing Medicine’s practice management system can help streamline patient flow and automate time-consuming tasks like health insurance eligibility verification. The cloud-based technology can synchronize data across your practice in real time, giving doctors and managers visibility into billing, operations and product sales. As our clients have seen firsthand, this can drive better accountability, enhanced communication and, ultimately, a healthier practice.

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland, MD

Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland, MD, Bryn Mawr Skin & Cancer Institute

“The system is integrated with EMA for dermatology, creating a seamless patient flow from beginning to end of the visit. It is amazing how the communication amongst the staff has improved by using this all-in-one system. The layout is easy to navigate, enhancing our workflow and making everyone more efficient.”

Kelly Tepedino, MD

Kelly Tepedino, MD, North Florida Dermatology

“Practice Management is so quick and easy to use that we can check in a patient in less than two minutes. Eligibility is evaluated in real time, automatically, streamlining workflow. The system even displays the patient’s picture at check-in, so the receptionist can greet them by name. Our patients are so touched by the personalization they receive.”

Discover How Our PM System Can Help You Achieve a Healthier Practice

Manage your practice the way you want. Our suite combines the best cloud-based EMR systems have to offer with powerful data and task optimization, helping streamline practice management for you and your staff.

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