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EMA™ Adapts to Work The Way You Do

Because an EMR system should make your job easier, not harder


Developed by practicing urologists, EMA Urology™ gives you the speed, convenience and adaptability you need to treat urologic conditions effectively. There’s no need for cumbersome template or macro creation, because the system is urology-specific and documents using structured-data algorithms. Instead of typing, you can effortlessly scribe notes on your iPad with just a few taps in the EMA Virtual Exam Room™. The adaptive learning engine adjusts to fit they way you work, eliminating redundancies and automating communications.

But that’s not all that EMA can do. With the recent push towards value-based care in the form of MACRA and MIPS, how urologists will be paid in the future will be tied to how well they do against national benchmarks. EMA Urology collects structured data on quality and cost in real time to help track a practice’s performance.

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Physicians can continue to practice without interruption, and that is a relief.

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