The Healthcare IT Suite Integrating EMR, Practice Management and More

The Healthcare IT Suite Integrating EMR, Practice Management and More

Urology Solutions Built by Physicians, for Physicians

Focus on helping your patients, not on entering data, with modmed® Urology—the innovative suite designed to transform the clinical, financial and operational aspects of urology practices. Choose a solution to learn more.


The Award-Winning
Specialty-Specific EHR System

The Award-Winning Specialty-Specific EHR System



modmed Urology software suite on iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch

The Urology EMR
That Works Like You Do

Developed by practicing physicians, EMA® for modmed® Urology gives you the speed, convenience and adaptability you want from an EMR system to treat urologic conditions effectively.

  • Cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) system
  • No templates or customizing necessary
  • Urology plans & procedures built in
  • Comprehensive review of systems
  • Specific past urology history

Right out of the box, EMA provides you with over:

Chief complaints

Diagnoses with ICD-10 codes

Treatment plans and procedures

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

Michael DiMarino, MD

Angelos N. Manganiotis, MD, FACS, Urology Associates of South Florida

“EMA has been essential in helping our practice maintain its efficiency and quality in an ever-changing regulatory environment. The support team has been very helpful every step of the way!”

Cindy Fruge

Nadeem Dhanani, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Urology at Modernizing Medicine

“Physicians can continue to practice without interruption, and that is a relief.”

Leslie Cosner

Robert F. Hoofnagle Jr., MD, PA

“Since implementing EMA, our workflow has significantly improved. Not only in how efficiently we see our patients, but also how we flow within the office.”

selecting an impression in EMA virtual exam room on iPad

Intelligent and Highly Customizable

Just as urology differs from all other medical specialties, no two urologists practice exactly the same way. EMA’s predictive algorithm learns your practice patterns, remembering your preferences so it can deliver what you need, right when you need it.

It intuitively adapts from provider to provider, patient to patient and diagnosis to diagnosis. Like a dedicated medical assistant, EMA anticipates your next move and responds to your workflow, without you having to ask. We modernized medicine and eliminated templates by combining the best urology EMR systems have to offer with powerful, actionable data capabilities. We can’t wait for you to try it out.

ICD-10 and CPT codes and modifiers populated on EMA encounter form

Document and Bill Efficiently

Why spend extra time completing notes when every minute matters? Modernizing Medicine®’s urology EHR is designed to cut down on redundancies and increase efficiency. From tests and preparation instructions to your most common diagnoses and treatments, it remembers your preferences. This allows you to tap through exams fast on your iPad while facing your patient, instead of turning away to type at a desktop. You can even have your scribe work in tandem with you from another device.

When the visit is done, EMA automatically generates a full written note and encounter form, complete with suggested ICD-10, CPT, E&M and modifier codes. When your documentation and coding process is this swift, detailed and intuitive, you can finish exams faster while doing more with your day. Urology EMR software has never been easier to use.


EMA MIPS scorecard on iPad

Smart Data Doesn’t Just Benefit You; It Benefits Your Patients

Collecting information does little good if you can’t make sense of it. Instead of gathering free text, EMA captures structured data that can be analyzed and leveraged to improve both your practice’s and your patients’ health. You can uncover actionable insights into quality and cost metrics, benchmark your E&M code utilization against CMS Medicare Part B utilization data and even monitor a disease longitudinally over a series of visits. When you can link each treatment to a tangible outcome, you can better identify ways to care for your patients effectively.

But that’s not all that EMA can do. With the shift to value-based care in the form of MACRA and MIPS, urologists will now be paid on a performance curve. Structured data from our 2015 Edition Certified EMA urology EMR system can show you where you stand compared to peers, helping you stay on track. EMA’s complete MIPS solution also makes it easy to collect and submit your MIPS data, putting your urology practice in a better position for long-term success.

man in button-down shirt using PocketEMA app on iPhone

Cloud-Based and Mobile, EMA Goes Where You Go

You don’t live in your office, so why should your data? With EMA for urology, all your patient data is stored in the Cloud, allowing you to access it from virtually any web-connected Mac, PC, iPad or smartphone. Rather than tethering you to onsite servers, EMA also includes our PocketEMA™ mobile EMR app, giving you the freedom to operate efficiently from almost any location. And during busy days in the office, the PocketEMA Apple Watch app helps you stay organized by putting your schedule, chart notes, messages and more right on your wrist. This smartphone app is the future of urology EMR systems.

electronically signing a patient consent form for cystourethroscopy in EMA on iPad

Record Consent Effortlessly

No more wasting time and resources by printing, storing or scanning paper consent forms—EMA for iPad lets you upload existing forms or create and pull up custom ones, fast. Patients can sign with their finger or an Apple Pencil, and you can save forms directly to the record.

doctor tapping iPad with 3d diagram of urinary system

Why Type When It’s Easier to Tap?

EMA’s touchscreen interface is not only unique, but also extremely easy to use. As a native iPad application, this urology EMR lets you simply tap and touch to complete documentation, prescriptions and lab requests and auto-generate patient education, notes and encounter forms. You can finish everything in real time while you’re face to face with the patient. This allows you to focus on your patients and finish documenting before you’ve even left the exam room.

selecting from available Protocols in EMA for urology on iPad

Protocols: Document a Visit in a Few Clicks

Our time-saving Protocols feature lets you create master visits for frequently encountered conditions, so you only have to record patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment information in the urology EMR once. You can then effortlessly apply it to exams like routine visits, new patients and pre- and post-operative instructions.

interactive anatomical atlas in EMA for urology showing male bladdercut post wall left

Interactive Anatomical Atlas™

With EMA’s Interactive Anatomical Atlas, you can view, manipulate and annotate 3D body images in high resolution. Visually document your findings or illustrate diagnoses for patients as you zoom in and peel back the layers, revealing precise areas of the body and genitourinary systems. The Atlas is even patient-specific, letting you see differences in men vs women and adults vs children.

office staff using practice management and interacting with patients

Practice Management Software for Urologists

Modernizing Medicine®’s urology practice management system works together seamlessly with EMA, giving you and your staff the power of a true all-in-one solution. From pre-visit to post-visit, our urology practice management system helps improve patient flow and streamlines time-consuming functions, including:

  • Scheduling
  • Document management
  • Urology billing
  • Reporting

Analytics for Urology

How is your practice performing clinically, financially and operationally? Find out with our comprehensive urology Analytics solution. Designed to identify, track and benchmark key performance indicators, it also lets you dive deep into your own patient data to find specific patients to follow up with, such as those with overactive bladders who haven’t had a CMG.

female staff member looking at charts and graphs in analytics on desktop computer

Urology Value-Based Care

EMA MIPS scorecard on iPad

Even though the industry has switched to value over volume, it doesn’t mean that you have to see fewer patients. Our 2015 Edition Certified EHR’s built-in urology MIPS solution can help you:

  • Collect your MIPS data within the flow of the exam
  • Benchmark your performance against peers on a daily basis
  • Take advantage of our Specialized Registries
  • Submit your MIPS data to CMS from our MIPS CQM

Urology Patient Engagement

Help your patients become a bigger part of the healthcare process with high-tech tools from Modernizing Medicine. Our urology patient portal and modmed Kiosk solutions are designed to get your patients more involved from the start. From filling out information and checking accuracy on an iPad to managing their own healthcare process on the Internet, your patients may find that more engagement leads to better outcomes.

Urology Population Health

Improve the health of a designated population with Modernizing Medicine’s population health solutions. Designed to identify at-risk patients, manage those with specific conditions and make data-driven decisions, it also involves:

  • Cloud-based EMR system
  • Structured data
  • Near real-time peer benchmarking
  • Patient engagement tools
  • Integrated health IT suite

Interoperability in Urology

We’re committed to making data sharing simple. Providing robust data exchange and intuitive EHR interface capabilities is a way that we plan to increase quality, improve outcomes, reduce costs and help urology practices deliver coordinated care. Interoperability and healthcare are at their best when you can access and truly understand your patient’s entire story.

Urology Client Services

From onboarding, product interfacing and training through ongoing support, our award-winning Client Services team is on hand to provide personal attention and care. We’ll help you customize your level of service to match your urology practice’s unique needs. So whether you’re implementing your first EMR or switching from another urology EMR system, you can transition with confidence.

Having the Best Urology Technology Matters

Having the Best Urology Technology Matters

To equip you for success in today’s value-based care environment, our urology software solutions are designed to combine specialty-specific structured data with Cloud, Mobile, Touch functionality. This innovative technology gives you greater opportunities to save time and make even better medical and business decisions.

modmed Urology gives you:

  • Actionable Insights: Uncover trends in your data and benchmark your performance against peers to help you increase your quality, revenue, cost-effectiveness and MIPS score
  • Easy Accessibility: Make practice communication seamless and pull up your records from almost anywhere through the Cloud
  • Smart Automation: Collect detailed information with just a few taps on an iPad, and let modmed Urology automate tedious tasks like urology ICD-10 coding

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