Beyond Patient Engagement

Post-Visit Patient Collaboration

Use patient collaboration tools to engage with patients beyond your office

When patients walk out your door and into life’s distractions, it can be easy for them to lose focus on their medical care. With ModMed® and Klara®, you can help your patients keep their health top of mind. That’s the power of patient collaboration.


A graphic showing that 68% of patients are frustrated when they call and have to wait to be called back

of patients are frustrated when they call and have to wait to be called back*

With call-to-text functionality at the core of what we do, Klara converts phone calls into a single message thread so you can keep all of your patients’ information in one place. Give patients what they want and your staff what they need to stay organized and be ready for visits.

ModMed Pay

Make paying bills simple and easy for your patients and staff with digital balance collection solutions. Patient Portal displays copays and balances alongside lab results and scheduled appointments for patient access on the web. Or, you can send payment reminders via SMS text message with Klara via Text-to-Pay.

Text-to-Pay features include:

  • Autogenerated Links — Allows patients to pay via prefiltered link by defined appointment type.
  • Credit Card on File — Allows practices to view credit card credentials collected via ModMed Pay or Klara.
  • PM Charge Integration — Pulls patient charges initiated from Klara directly into Practice Management.
  • Autogenerated Receipts — Produces a PDF receipt delivered to patients that displays charge amounts and descriptions.

Benefits of Klara + ModMed Pay

Timer Icon
Less time spent chasing after outstanding balances and collecting credit card details
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More time saved for your staff to focus on the patient during in-person visits
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Less wasted resources on sending paper statements and playing phone tag
Patient rescheduling an appointment online

Appointment Recalls

Help patients remember to schedule their next follow-up appointments, even several months out. Recalls allow you to schedule reminders well in advance, prompting the patient to book another appointment with your practice. Patients can even request or reschedule appointments from their patient recall messages** without having to call your front desk.

Post-Visit Instructions and Follow-Ups

Help patients feel comfortable following their appointments by sending customizable post-visit PDFs and surgical packets via Patient Portal or text message. They’ll have the information they need to rest, recover and be confident in the next steps of their care.

Patients often remember questions after their appointment — so why not automate follow-up text messages and give them the opportunity to ask? Set the bar for patient engagement with personalized follow-up messages designed to help you reconnect.

Text message including instructions for wound care
Patient portal homescreen with tests and results access

Lab Results

Patients can access the Patient Portal to review and access their lab results and communicate with your practice. Or, you can quickly send patients their lab and pathology results and answer their questions using APPatient™ or text.


Stop running down patients and start refilling your providers’ schedules. Re-engage patients when they’re unable to make their appointments by automatically sending no-show text messages to encourage them to rebook quickly.
A double quote

On a Monday prior to using Klara, we would easily have eight to 10 no-shows. Now we are down to around two on Mondays, which is about an 80% decrease in our no-show rate.

Allie Davis

Practice Manager, Metropolis Dermatology
Text message prompting patient to reschedule their appointment
Text message with survey question and response options

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Get feedback and actionable insights post-visit. Patient engagement and satisfaction surveys help you gauge patient satisfaction with autogenerated, customizable texts. With question flows and prompts based on patient responses, you can encourage online reviews and let less-satisfied patients provide private feedback. Improve your online reputation and practice operations with data straight from your patients.

Satisfied patients are just a text message away

Connect with a specialist to get a personalized tour of our specialty-specific EHR, Practice Management software and Patient Collaboration tools.

*According to the ModMed® “What Patients Really Think” 2022 Report conducted by independent research firm OnePoll.
**May require additional purchase.