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An Orthopedic EMR System that Adapts to Your Workflow

EMA Orthopedics lets you tap your way through an exam


Built by orthopedic surgeons, EMA Orthopedics touch-based interface enables you to scribe notes without tedious typing. Conveniently tap your way through an exam on an iPad with complete and accurate documentation at the point of care. You get work done faster with the ability to automate forms and billing, generate patient education and electronically prescribe. With EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas™, surgeons can click over 36,000 touch-points on the body and peel back the skin to reveal muscles, joints and tendons.

But that’s not all that EMA can do. With the recent push towards value-based care in the form of MACRA and MIPS, how orthopedic surgeons will be paid in the future will be tied to how well they do against national benchmarks. EMA Orthopedics collects structured data on quality and cost in real time to help track a practice’s performance.

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Born Ready for ICD-10

Of all the EMR systems I saw, EMA™ had what I needed. I like how EMA is intuitive because it’s developed by orthopedic surgeons for orthopedic surgeons. The knowledge is already included without setting up macros or templates.
There is no question that EMA Orthopedics saves me time. I can see twenty new patients and be done one hour to an hour and a half earlier than in the past. If I consider my time saved, that equals to saving over $125,000 per year.
Daniel Stein
The system is already written for ICD-10 so there is nothing that needs to be done on my end. I’m able to increase my efficiency because EMA Orthopedics is straightforward with my billing which will only continue with ICD-10.

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