Beyond Patient Engagement

Streamline Visits with Patient Collaboration

Use patient collaboration tools to give your patients
a smooth appointment experience

Patients don’t want to be tied to a clipboard as soon as they walk through your doors. Make your appointments as seamless as possible with Klara® and ModMed®. From check-in to payments to virtual visits, you can keep all of your patients’ data centralized and up to date with our paperless solutions. That’s the power of Patient Collaboration.

Mobile message prompting patient to upload insurance

Mobile Check-In

Simplify data collection for patients and staff. Allow patients to complete forms and share insurance information on mobile devices, then export them into EMA®. Plus, send relevant patient messages with the click of a button. Keep records updated and accurate and eliminate manual data entry to save time for patients and staff in the waiting room.

ModMed Kiosk

Instead of asking patients to fill out paper forms and giving them to staff to scan, input and store, simply hand your patients an iPad and have them enter their information while they wait to see the doctor. Patients can fill out intake forms digitally on ModMed Kiosk, and data will pull directly into EMA® EHR for review. Go paperless and simplify check-in for your staff and patients.

Leave paper behind and collect information digitally

  • Patient demographics
  • Preferred pharmacy information
  • Medical, social and family history
  • Medications and allergies
Patient medical history options displayed on iPad for easy check-in
Patient handing iPad to front desk after paying a copay in the office

Copay Collection

Easily collect copays at check-in with ModMed Kiosk.* Patients can see their balances on the kiosk iPad, tap to enter their credit card information and choose to save details for faster, more convenient future payments. It’s user-friendly and can potentially save your team up to 15 minutes per new patient, based on our practice surveys.

ModMed Telehealth

With telehealth capabilities integrated into our EHR system, you can collaborate with patients using real-time audio and video capabilities by starting a virtual visit right from the patient’s chart. Reach vulnerable populations and meet with patients quickly and conveniently prior to refilling prescriptions.
Patient speaking to clinician on a laptop

Engaged patients are just a text message away

Connect with a specialist to get a personalized tour of our EHR, Practice Management and Patient Collaboration tools.

* Requires purchase of ModMed Pay