The Award-Winning
Specialty-Specific EHR System

The Award-Winning Specialty-Specific EHR System

Pain Management

Pain Management

ModMed Pain Management software suite on iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch

Unlike Any Other
Pain Management
EMR System

Modernizing Medicine’s® EMA® is designed by practicing physicians to document for each patient and code for medical billing right at the point of care.

  • Easy touch-based pain management EMR solution
  • Automated notes and bills
  • Built-in ICD-10 pain management codes
  • Better overall patient experiences
  • MIPS functionality
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#1 pain management-specific EHR

Right out of the box, EMA provides you with over:

Chief complaints

Diagnoses with ICD-10 codes

Treatment plans and procedures

Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

Edward Jurkovic, DO, Digestive Disease Consultants

Aneesh Singla, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Pain Management at Modernizing Medicine

“Before we went through the vetting process, I wasn’t confident any EMR system would live up to our accuracy or efficiency on paper. EMA for pain management has proven me wrong, saving me at least five minutes per patient encounter. I have the ability to see the same volume of patients that I was with paper—sometimes even more.”

virtual exam room skeleton diagram in EMA for pain management

Work With Minimal Interruption

That’s what all great healthcare technology should strive to help you do. The problem is, other EMR systems aren’t able to learn or adapt like ours. Your pain management EMR shouldn’t demand changes to the way you practice, nor should it get in the way of providing your best patient care.

EMA goes further than just following the course of a pain management exam; it leverages an adaptive learning engine to recognize your preferred methods and treatments. This allows it to anticipate your next move, acting like a real medical assistant.

doctor and patient looking at iPad together

Convenience. Speed. Adaptability.

Undoubtedly, those requirements are at the top of your list when you evaluate a pain management EMR system. That’s why we took the best EMR has to offer and combined it with advanced cloud-based technology. Through this combination, EMA can deliver convenience, speed and adaptability for your pain management practice.

The convenience of a mobile system allows you to face your patients, creating a personal touch that other technology lacks. Plus, touchscreen technology reduces tedious typing, allowing you to speed through your day with less disruption, so your focus can fall where it should be—on your patient. And at the end of the visit, EMA even generates a written note and encounter form, automatically suggesting your ICD-10, CPT and modifier codes based on the data you entered.

man in button-down shirt using PocketEMA app on iPhone

Innovation That Moves You… Literally

Our cloud-based pain management EMR system has the adaptability to support your practice virtually wherever and whenever. No need to worry about server installation processes or costs; even software updates are done automatically.

When patients call, you can use the EMA EMR smartphone app, PocketEMA, to view and edit their records or ePrescribe medications.* And during busy days in the office, the PocketEMA Apple Watch app helps you stay organized by putting your schedule, chart notes, messages and more right on your wrist.

*Available in most states.

EMA MIPS scorecard on iPad

Structured Data for Better Outcomes

Not all information is useful. To harness data effectively, it’s vital to gather structured data. Without this format, the large quantities of data you gather can become difficult to sort through or utilize.

While most pain management EMR systems collect free text, EMA’s structured data approach enables it to automate ICD-10 coding and aspects of compliance reporting. In fact, our 2015 Edition Certified EHR can collect your MIPS data within the flow of the exam and submit it to CMS through our MIPS CQM. Structured data also facilitates robust analytics and benchmarking, enabling insights into your quality metrics, E&M code utilization and more.

This can be instrumental to your revenue now that value-based care is upon us in the form of MACRA and MIPS. EMA gives you a MIPS scorecard that estimates how you’re performing, how you compare to your peers and where you can improve, helping you make efforts to boost both your MIPS performance and your quality of care.

That’s how structured EMA data can modernize medicine for your pain management practice, putting you in a better position for long-term success.

List of available Protocols in EMA

Document an Entire Visit in Just a Few Clicks

Create master visits for frequently encountered pain management conditions with Protocols. This time-saving feature lets you record patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment information once, before easily applying it to exams such as routine visits, new patients or pre- and post-op instructions.

Prescription History on iPad showing past prescriptions, dosages and dates

Prescription Drug Management in Just a Few Taps

Overprescribing is a serious issue facing pain management physicians today. That’s why we offer a variety of ePrescribing tools to help you manage patient prescriptions. We’ve created a way for you to quickly pull up a patient’s medication history and track how much time has passed since the last prescription was filled. You can even check certain state Prescription Drug Monitor Program (PDMP) databases through a link within the patient visit in EMA, via an interface with Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway.* This is especially important when ePrescribing controlled substances to help you keep track of potentially high-risk patients.

*This functionality requires that the user has a separate agreement with Appriss Health.

choice of different 3d body viewing angles in EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas

Interactive Anatomical Atlas™

Something that really sets EMA apart from other pain management EHR systems is our Interactive Anatomical Atlas. Here, you can access a 3D layered body to document visits and educate patients simultaneously.

Zoom in, select from thousands of anatomically correct locations on the body and even peel back the skin to reveal muscles, joints, tendons and organs. Your patients will enjoy the level of detail this pain management EMR software has to offer. Once you see how fast it works, you will, too.

electronically signing a patient consent form for pain management procedure in EMA

Get It in Writing With eConsents

Electronic consent forms combine the best of both worlds: a patient’s documented consent without the clutter of paper. When verbal consent isn’t enough, use EMA to quickly pull up custom consent forms that patients can sign with their finger or Apple Pencil, right on the iPad. Once it’s signed, you can save it to their electronic health record. No printing, scanning or storing. It’s all in one place.

Modernizing Medicine Client Services team

First-Class Client Services

Through onboarding and beyond, you can trust our dedicated Modernizing Medicine Client Services team members to help you get the most out of EMA. Our software educators often have medical backgrounds, helping them provide highly knowledgeable, responsive training tailored to your needs.

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