Voice Recognition

EMA® EHR With Dragon Medical Speechkit by Nuance

Amazing Speech-to-Text
Functionality in the
Palm of Your Hand

For physicians who prefer to dictate their notes, Modernizing Medicine®’s EMA EHR system offers Dragon Medical Speechkit technology to capture your voice effectively as you talk naturally and at your own pace.

With a robust medical vocabulary, voice commands and HIPAA-compliant speech recognition, EMA with clinical voice recognition powered by Nuance Healthcare speaks your specialty’s language, allowing you to work three to five times faster than typing.

  • Speak at your own pace without waiting for recognized text
  • Navigate and make corrections using only your voice
  • Access the latest medical dictionary terms and phrases through cloud-based speech
  • Improve operating efficiencies, increase physician productivity and raise overall patient care quality

3-5 times faster than typing

Most physicians type under



but speak over


Get Up and Running Fast

Like our EMA EMR system, Nuance Dragon is cloud-based. That means there’s no software for you to install or configure—our team handles most of the work for you, and with just a few clicks, you’re good to go!

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, our dedicated Modernizing Medicine team is there at every step to keep you running smoothly.

Industry-Leading Medical Transcription Software

  • Comprehensive Clinical Dictionary
    Cloud-based speech means you’ll have access to the latest medical vocabulary, terms, phrases and clinical formatting rules. Organizations and individual users can also customize their personal medical vocabularies.
  • Visualization and Feedback
    Visual indicators tell you where speech is enabled and when audio is being captured, as well as displaying audio recording levels, to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Robust Security Standards
    Speech-related data is communicated with 256-bit encryption channels designed to provide end-to-end security.

EMA Speaks Your Language

Right out of the box, EMA equips you with specialty-specific medical wisdom and a clean, responsive interface to improve efficiency and outcomes. And by speech-enabling EMA with state-of-the-art Dragon Medical Speechkit dictation software, powered by Nuance Healthcare, you can effortlessly translate your voice into rich, detailed clinical narratives. This in turn, shifts the paradigm even further away from time-wasting data entry and toward a new era of patient-centered care.

With a speaker-adaptive engine, built-in visualization and feedback that is available at virtually any time, you can rest assured that clinical information is accurate and up-to-date. Your documentation, your workflow and your voice—all captured and understood right within EMA.

What types of information can I capture using the Nuance voice recognition software?

With Dragon Medical Speechkit by Nuance, you can effortlessly dictate notes in any free-text field of EMA, from additional notes to clipboard details and more. Structured data components can be captured in a few taps with EMA’s simple touchscreen interface.

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