The Healthcare IT Suite of EHR, Analytics, Practice Management, Pathology and More

The Healthcare IT Suite of EHR, Analytics, Practice Management, Pathology and More

Built by Dermatologists, for Dermatologists

Modernizing Medicine® was founded when a dermatologist and his patient, a successful software entrepreneur, decided to revolutionize healthcare IT by teaching doctors to program software. The result? Dermatology-specific solutions that feel like you designed them yourself. Choose a solution to learn more.

modmed dermatology EMA EHR - The Award-Winning, Specialty-Specific System for Dermatology

Deliver your best care faster. For four consecutive years, our innovative mobile EHR system has ranked #1 among dermatology EHRs in independent Black Book surveys.

Made for use on the iPad, EMA™ brings a new touchscreen approach to cloud-based EHR systems. Programmed by practicing dermatologists, it works and thinks like you do, remembering your preferences and intuitively adapting to your unique style of practice. We’ve rolled the best EHR has to offer into this dermatology-specific system to streamline your workflow and enhance patient care.

female doctor using desktop while medical assistant holds out iPad

Dermatology Practice Management Software

Bridge the gap between your front and back offices. Working seamlessly with our electronic health records software, our innovative Practice Management system is modernizing medicine with:

  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Streamlined dermatology practice workflow
  • Simple billing and document management
  • Metrics-driven reporting

Dermatology Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Service

Our dermatology-specific billing management service is designed for dermatologists. With our people, processes and technology managing your billing and collections, you can focus on doing what you do best—treating patients.

Flowchart showing Modernizing Medicine RCM process

Analytics for Dermatologists

Harness your data to improve your dermatology practice. Using structured data, our in-depth data analysis tool makes it easy to identify, track and benchmark key performance indicators in near real time, unlocking actionable insights. By combining your clinical, financial and operational data, Analytics is designed to show you how to enhance efficiency, revenue and patient outcomes.

Office staff using Analytics on a desktop computer

Pathology for Dermatology

Eliminate time-consuming tasks from your in-house lab workflow with our paperless LIS solution. Harnessing built-in industry expertise and innovative technology, this pathology module lets you easily receive, document and bill in-house dermatopathology reports right in modmed® Dermatology. No more paperwork, faxes* or separate files to attach to the patient record.
*Unless your practice is reading for outside providers

Dermatology Client Services

When you join the Modernizing Medicine family, you’ll have a team of dedicated professionals supporting your initial onboarding as well as your ongoing success with our software.

Dermatology Value-Based Care

EMA MIPS scorecard on iPad

As other practices may struggle to avoid penalties and integrate add-on solutions for MIPS into their workflows, EMA’s built-in MIPS functionality lets you:

  • Collect your MIPS data within the flow of the exam
  • Track your estimated MIPS composite score and progress on each measure
  • Benchmark your performance against peers
  • Take advantage of our Specialized Registries
  • Submit your MIPS data to CMS from our MIPS Qualified Registry

Dermatologist Patient Engagement

Empower your patients to play a larger role in their own care. Modernizing Medicine enables you to give patients more value, thanks to high-tech tools such as our patient portal, remote treatment app and modmed® Kiosk.

Population Health for Dermatology

Make data-driven decisions to improve population health and drive cost efficiency while staying competitive under MIPS. Our powerful solutions dig deep into population trends and care utilization to help keep you prepared for what’s next. By enhancing health-system–generated data with patient-generated data, Modernizing Medicine’s solutions can unlock in-depth analysis and valuable insights.

Interoperability in Dermatology

We believe strongly in improving healthcare by allowing patient data to flow seamlessly between systems. As a member of the CommonWell Health Alliance, we’re proud to be working to provide powerful data exchange and software interface capabilities. When each provider can access and understand their patients’ entire stories, they’re better equipped to increase quality, reduce costs and deliver truly coordinated care.

Dermatology Telehealth

photos of patient rash in modmed telehealth app on android

Increase patient engagement, get paid for your time and stop trying to practice dermatology through text messages and emails. Integrated with our patient record software, our convenient mobile app lets you treat patients remotely, giving them another means to contact you while giving you a new source of income: telemedicine. In fact, you’ll be tapping into an industry that’s estimated to bring in $70 billion by the year 2021.1

modmed® Telehealth allows you to:

  • Save Time – address routine dermatology issues in a fast, convenient way
  • Add a New Revenue Stream – better reach patients who have time or geographical constraints
  • Capitalize on No-Shows – if patients miss appointments, treat others while you wait
  • Store Data in One Place – all records are automatically saved to EMA
  • Get Up and Running Quickly – since it’s integrated with EMA, there’s little learning curve

1 Mordor Intelligence.

Discover why over


of US dermatologists use modmed Dermatology

Discover why over


of US dermatologists use modmed Dermatology

Innovation Is More Than Skin Deep

We build our solutions to offer not just a simple, appealing interface, but also powerful, advanced functionality. By leveraging our unique combination of dermatology-specific structured data and Cloud, Mobile, Touch technologies, you can set your practice up for success in the world of value-based care. Modernizing Medicine provides:

  • Simple touch-based dermatology-specific EMR solution
  • Nearly effortless documentation
  • Billing & collections management
  • Accessible patient data almost anytime, anywhere
  • Specialist MIPS support
  • Built-in dermatology ICD-10 codes
  • Tools for finding lost revenue opportunities
  • Dermatology telehealth platform
  • Dermatology Meaningful Use, MACRA, MIPS functionality

These comprehensive solutions can empower you to improve the clinical, financial and operational health of your practice while making a larger impact in the healthcare community.

hands holding iPhone with PocketEMA app


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