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Designed by dermatologists.


No two dermatologists practice the same way. EMA’s adaptive learning engine will learn your unique style of practice from your favorite anesthetic to your preferred acne treatment. EMA’s Virtual Exam Room™ collects data in real time, letting you scribe notes and automate path labs, prescriptions, patient education and coding in just seconds. And that’s only a fraction of what EMA can do.

With the emphasis on value-based care becoming a reality in the form of MACRA and MIPS, how you’ll be paid in the future will be tied to how well you compare with national benchmarks. EMA Dermatology helps you see how you’re performing, collecting structured data on quality and cost in real time.

Besides our intuitive, cloud-based EHR system, Modernizing Medicine also offers a variety of specialty-specific services to support your practice. Our dermatology-specific revenue cycle management (RCM) and inventory management can help enhance performance with even more value. Click here for more information.

To learn more about how EMA Dermatology can help your practice, explore our Create Efficiencies, Improve Outcomes and Integrate Seamlessly sections.

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Physician to Physician

The best advice you can get on an EMR system is from another physician who uses it. Hear firsthand accounts from our customers with our video testimonials and case studies, or let us put you in touch with a dermatologist who uses EMA.

You can tell that clinical physicians were involved in the development of EMA Dermatology and that makes it functional in an actual office. EMA Dermatology follows the flow of a real clinic, not a textbook clinic.
William Fangman
I watched a demo, and was completely blown away. This was an EMR that didn’t run on templates and macros, and would actually adapt to how I practiced. That day, I called up my EMR vendor, cancelled my contract and switched to EMA Dermatology.
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Our previous EMR system was designed by computer software experts who understood nothing about dermatology and how best to chart a visit. EMA Dermatology was designed by dermatologists working with technology experts to create an intuitive EMR system for their peers.

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