Award-Winning Podiatry-Specific EHR System

Award-Winning Podiatry-Specific EHR System

EHR interfaces on desktop, iPad, smartphone, Apple Watch
Two tablets showing screens from podiatry electronic health record

The #1 Podiatry EHR Software

Combining the convenience of a cloud-based platform with the efficiency of specialty-specific software is only the start of what makes EMA® the #1 EHR for podiatrists* available.

  • Easy touch-screen-based podiatry EHR solution
  • Auto-suggested notes and billing codes
  • Built-in podiatry ICD-10 codes
  • Better overall patient experience
  • Podiatry MIPS and MACRA functionality
  • Award-winning** user experience (UX)

*2023 Black Book

**SaaS Awards and UX Design Awards

Right out of the box, our podiatry EHR (electronic health record) provides you with over:

chief complaints

podiatry-specific impressions

treatment plans and procedures

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

Lindsay Hummel, DPM, DABPM, Hummel Foot and Ankle

Lindsay Hummel, DPM, DABPM, Hummel Foot and Ankle

“EMA is easy to learn, intuitive, and I can seamlessly move from notes to billing. I also like using the iPad for charting, and I am much more efficient at completing my notes.”

Brooke Weaver Headford Practice Administrator, Central Kansas Podiatry Associates

Brooke Weaver Headford, Practice Administrator, Central Kansas Podiatry Associates

“We’ve adapted quickly and continue to expand our knowledge and streamline workflows.”

Headshot of Justin Donovan, DPM, Skyline Podiatry

Justin Donovan, DPM, Skyline Podiatry

“I’ve used paper and EMRs in the past that required a lot of manual work. The workflow with EMA makes it easier to document and bill. It has made my office much more efficient.”

Anatomical diagram of feet from electronic health record on a tablet screen

EMA Doesn’t Just Participate, It Anticipates

Does your current EHR or electronic medical record (EMR) software understand podiatry-specific workflows and clinical information? EMA’s innovative adaptive learning engine acts like a well-trained member of your team, recognizing your preferred methods, suggesting top diagnoses and treatments, and making you feel like it can anticipate your next move. This unique approach makes our EMA EHR for podiatry feel like you designed it yourself.

Analytics and data page in electronic medical record shown on tablet

Greater Diagnostic and Treatment Power for Better Patient Outcomes

Actionable data can truly modernize medicine. While other software for podiatrists collect unstructured text that cannot be easily interpreted or leveraged, EMA gathers structured data as you tap through exams. This enables you to run powerful analytics and reports for value-based medicine in the form of MACRA and MIPS. Under these regulations, the sustainability of your practice relies on how you compare to your peers. The structured data technology in our 2015 Edition ONC HIT Certified EHR makes it easy to understand where your podiatry practice falls in real time and how to improve your current standing.

  • Track and benchmark your performance on a daily basis to assist MIPS compliance.
  • Make time-consuming tasks easier, such as ICD-10 medical coding and CMS reporting.

EMA even makes attesting for Meaningful Use podiatry and MIPS simple by automatically identifying and compiling your reportable data. When it’s time to report, EMA can submit it all for you with the touch of a button. See what the #1 rated podiatry EHR looks like in a quick demo.

Screenshot of podiatry specific content in electronic health record

Podiatry Knowledge at Your Fingertips

From day one, EMA will suggest the top chief complaints, impressions and treatment plans that podiatrists like you might expect to see on a regular basis. While it learns and adjusts to how you practice, it’s also preloaded with podiatry content, including:

  • MIPS
  • Wound care
  • Routine foot care
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Biomechanical exam
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Noninvasive vascular testing
  • Perioperative foot and ankle surgery
  • Nursing home facility and domiciliary rest home exam
Image of electronic medical record app on smartwatch

Innovation That Moves You…Literally

EMA is cloud based, giving you the freedom to practice podiatry virtually wherever and whenever you want. Do you need to take a three-day seminar during the week while staying available to your patients? No problem. The cloud-based platform means your patient data goes where you go.

You can instantly access your podiatry EHR with PocketEMA™, the EMA podiatry app for your smartphone. Plus, when you’re rushing around the office, use our Apple Watch app to view chart notes, statuses, messages and your schedule at a glance.

What’s more, our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model eliminates the need to buy or maintain onsite server hardware. Best part? No need to worry about server installation processes or costs — even software updates are done automatically.

Patrick Barnes, DPM, Council Bluffs Foot & Ankle Care

“I love that EMA is cloud based, and I can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. This was not an option with my previous system.”

Image of electronic health record software on a tablet screen

Podiatry EHR for Your iPad

Imagine engaging in meaningful face-to-face discussions instead of typing at a desktop during patient visits. The convenience of an iPad-first system allows you to face your patients for a personal touch that other technologies can’t offer. Touch-screen technology helps reduce tedious typing, allowing you to speed through your day, so you can focus on what matters most — your patients. At the end of the visit, EMA even generates notes and suggests ICD-10, CPT and modifier codes based on the data you entered.

Screenshot of customizable protocols page in electronic medical record

Document an Entire Visit in Just a Few Clicks

Want to save even more time? For common conditions, operative notes and post-op appointments, the Protocol feature lets you create “master visits” that contain comprehensive patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment info. In one tap, these can be applied as helpful starting points for you as you document your next visit.

Ankur Dharia, DPM, Jersey Foot & Ankle Institute

“Setting up a Protocol is very simple and easy to do with ModMed Podiatry. I can apply a Protocol to an exam and have it auto-populate the note. Then, I make little changes for each patient as needed.”

Screenshot from electronic health record for podiatry

Code With Confidence

While other podiatry software touts its ability to translate or narrow the number of podiatry ICD-10 codes you have to select from, the built-in EMA technology goes one step further. It automatically suggests ICD-10, CPT, E/M and modifier codes for you based on your clinical documentation. EMA can also automatically translate these codes into a bill before the patient leaves the room, giving your practice staff full visibility. No guesswork. No translation tools. Review suggestions, tap to confirm, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Screenshot from electronic health record showing sample form

E/M Benchmarking

Looking for a simple way to keep an eye on your podiatry billing compliance? To help you identify and fix any problematic coding patterns, our podiatry EHR, EMA, benchmarks each provider’s E/M code use against other providers in your practice and CMS Medicare Part B data.

Screenshot from electronic medical record of anatomical and skeletal diagrams of feet

Interactive Anatomical Atlas

Document visits and educate patients easily with the Interactive Anatomical Atlas, the 3D layered images of the feet and lower extremities preloaded to EMA. You can pinch, zoom and select unique locations. You can even peel back the skin to reveal muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves with details down to the toenail, so you can thoroughly document visits as well as engage and educate your patients.

Hand-drawn annotations on skeletal diagram of a foot using EHR’s integrated drawing board

Drawing Board

No need to rely on verbal explanations or having to sketch diagrams on paper during patient visits. When using EMA, our EHR, on your iPad, you can draw on photos or anatomical diagrams from the Interactive Anatomical Atlas with your finger or Apple Pencil. You can also automatically attach annotated images to a particular visit in the patient’s electronic medical record and pull forward previous drawings during future visits.

Screenshot of integrated camera and photo storage features in electronic health record

Integrated Photography

Snap a photo with your iPad, show it to patients and instantly attach it to their charts with our podiatry EHR, EMA. This feature is ideal for showing patients before-and-after pictures or documenting treatment plans. You can also connect images to specific visits, conditions and procedures.

Photo of woman chatting with group

Support You Can Trust

Through implementation, product interfacing, training and beyond, our dedicated team of support staff, podiatrists and other experienced professionals will work closely with you to meet your practice’s unique needs.

What Is the Top-Ranking Podiatry EHR System?

Black Book Research has conducted its yearly comprehensive survey of doctors and healthcare leaders nationwide. For the second consecutive year, its choice for the #1 podiatry EHR system is EMA, the specialty-specific ModMed software for podiatry practices.

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