The Award-Winning
Gastroenterology EHR System

The Award-Winning Gastroenterology EHR System

gastro ehr suite

The #1 Gastroenterology
EHR System, Built by

Efficiency, ease of use and a seamless all-in-one solution—three key reasons why we’re continuously topping the charts. As a leading choice, Modernizing Medicine® Gastroenterology focuses on innovating while also improving its current solutions based on various factors, including client feedback. Our #1 gastroenterology EHR* software created by gMed® offers:

  • Accessibility from iOS and Android smartphones with our gGastro Mobile app
  • Easy-to-learn interface with straightforward, customizable notes
  • Seamless integration with gGastro ERW, our endoscopy report writer software
  • Efficient ePrescribing including electronic prescription refills
  • Gastroenterology-specific workflow and powerful clinical decision support
  • Interoperability with regional health systems, labs, radiology clinics and more

*2024 Black Book

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#1 gastroenterology-specific EHR

“Each day with gGastro, I can leave the office



earlier than with my old EMR & write an endoscopy note in 2 minutes

– Michael DiMarino, MD

Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

Edward Jurkovic, DO, Digestive Disease Consultants

Michael DiMarino, MD, DiMarino-Kroop-Prieto Gastrointestinal Associates

“Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology ties all pieces of an electronic health record together, creating a seamless flow of information. It is the only health record I know that has a built-in endoscopy writer, allowing results, impressions and orders to populate the office chart automatically.”

gGastro Mobile EHR App

gastroenterology EHR mobile app

Take the #1 Gastroenterology EHR System Wherever You Go

Compatible with iOS and Android phones, the gGastro Mobile app lets you access your schedule and patient data from virtually anywhere you have an Internet connection. Whether you’re rushing around your office, attending a conference or sitting on your couch at home, you can conveniently search patient records and even make a quick phone call. It’s all right there on your smartphone.

Our gastroenterology EHR mobile app can let you view:

  • Appointments
  • Patient demographics and search results
  • Visit and chart notes
  • Procedures
  • Patient chart summary
  • Diagnoses and medical history
  • Medications
  • Clinical, pathology and radiology lab results

Gastroenterology Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Efficient and intuitive, Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology’s gGastro EMR system includes gastroenterology diagnoses, orders, maps, findings, billing codes, forms, patient medical history questionnaires and more right out of the box. Rather than getting in the way, it can adjust to match the existing workflows of both your practice and each individual physician. gGastro can also help make your billing practices more efficient by auto-generating suggested ICD-10, CPT and modifier codes, so you don’t have to waste time using code lookups or conversion tools.

  • Functionality that reuses data to help minimize extra steps and data reentry
  • Flexible cloud- and server-based options
  • Works with speech-to-text software
  • Automatically suggests ICD-10, CPT and modifier codes
  • Build custom Quick Notes to document an entire visit in a few clicks

Watch the video to learn the benefits of a GI-focused EHR system

female doctor using gGastro software

What You Need, When You Need It

Effective communication can be essential for quality care and efficient operations. That’s why our gastroenterology EMR software can bring the office, hospital and endocenter together in one platform that lets providers work individually or collaborate in real time. We also provide convenient ways to share data with patients, gastroenterology industry registries and other healthcare providers involved in treatment, including:

  • Laboratories
  • Radiology imaging centers
  • Hospitals
  • GIQuIC
  • Specialists
  • Wellness resources
  • Carequality Integration
gGastro MIPS scorecard

Value-Based Care Incentives

Now that MIPS is in effect, your Medicare reimbursements depend in part on how you compare to your peers. gGastro’s built-in MIPS solution is designed so that you can:

  • Collect MIPS data during the exam in our 2015 Edition Certified EHR
  • Track your estimated MIPS composite score and progress on each measure
  • Report to gastroenterology registries, including GIQuIC
  • Help satisfy the HIE Bi-Directional Exchange measure with Carequality Integration
recalls module in gGastro EHR system

Easily Manage Patient Recalls in One Place

gGastro’s built-in recalls module allows you to:

  • Tie recalls to appointments and orders
  • View and manage recalls in a recall queue
  • Generate and print patient recall letters
  • Manage patients and help drive patient retention
server illustration and cloud illustration

Cloud or Server: Choose What’s Right for You

No matter what size your gastroenterology organization, Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology can work with you to customize and tailor aspects of its gastroenterology software to fit your medical practice’s needs and scale with your growth.

Cloud-Based Option:
Our cloud-based gastroenterology EMR software makes setup quick and upkeep simple while providing the same robust functionality as our server-based solution. Plus, it’s scalable and allows you to access your patient data from virtually any Internet-connected computer.

Help reduce:

  • Upfront costs
  • Server maintenance
  • Concerns for hardware space
Help improve:

  • Speed
  • Performance
  • Access to your records

“Since switching to gGastro Cloud, we’ve experienced significant improvements and saved over $200,000 in hardware and software upgrades.” – David Smith, Chief Information and Security Officer, Capital Digestive Care

Server-Based Option:
Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology also offers a server-based EMR solution through which you manage network, security, storage, server and infrastructure decisions and configurations.

gMed Client Services team

Award-Winning Support

Every step of the way, the Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology team works to provide a smooth experience and help meet your organization’s unique needs. To help you get the most out of the gGastro suite, our professional, responsive team members can work with you to create a customized plan for your practice through training, implementation, interfacing and beyond. That’s why the 2017 Company CODiE Awards named us Customer Success Team of the Year.

What Is the Top Ranking Gastroenterology EMR System?

Every year, Black Book™, an unbiased research organization, conducts a comprehensive survey of thousands of gastroenterologists, EHR users and healthcare leaders nationwide. Starting in 2010, and every year since, their choice for the #1 gastroenterology EMR system has been Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology’s gGastro EMR.

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