modmed Otolaryngology EMA™ EHR
modmed Otolaryngology EMA™ EHR

The #1 EHR System
for Otolaryngologists

Combining the best that cloud-based EMR systems have to offer with the efficiency of specialty-specific software is only part of what makes EMA™ the #1 otolaryngology EMR1 available.

  • Easy touch-based otolaryngology EMR solution
  • Automated notes and bills
  • Built-in ICD-10 otolaryngology codes
  • Better overall patient experiences
  • MIPS functionality

¹2017 Black Book Market Research.

Right out of the box, EMA provides you with over:

Chief complaints

ENT-specific diagnoses and
140,000+ ICD-10 diagnoses

Treatment plans and procedures

selecting impressions in EMA for otolaryngology on iPad

EMA Doesn’t Just Participate. It Anticipates.

Tired of complex EHR systems that didn’t meet their needs, our team of physicians decided to build a better solution: Modernizing Medicine®’s EMA. Eliminating the need to create templates or re-enter data, EMA comes with an adaptive learning engine, capable of molding to each provider’s needs based on the way they think and practice. Simply log in with your unique username and EMA will remember your preferred methods, suggest your top diagnoses or treatments and even anticipate your next move. This unique approach is what makes EMA for otolaryngology feel like you designed it yourself.

Smart Practices Need Smart Data

EMA benchmarking one practice's established patient E&M code utilization against other practices nationwide

EMA’s Structured Data Can Help Safeguard Your Income

In value-based care, your Medicare reimbursements can depend on the quality and cost data you submit. Only structured data can help you discover how your practice is truly performing. While other EHR software collects unstructured free text that can be more difficult to analyze or submit, EMA primarily gathers structured data.

This enables it to automate coding and compliance reporting, as well as power robust analytics and studies. Ultimately, we believe that structured EMA data can modernize medicine and put you in a better position for long-term success.

EMA MIPS scorecard on iPad

Boost Your MIPS Revenue

Now that MIPS has replaced Meaningful Use (MU) and PQRS, EMA can give you peace of mind while other practices are scrambling to figure it all out. Using structured data, EMA’s complete MIPS solution collects your MIPS data, compares your performance with peers and lets you submit your data to CMS through our MIPS Qualified Registry. This can help you meet MIPS requirements with less time and trouble for you and your staff.

EMA encounter form populated with ICD-10 and CPT codes and modifiers

Code With Confidence

Many systems claim to make ICD-10 coding easier with lookup tools or ICD-9 translation to ICD-10. However, EMA makes it easy for otolaryngologists. Our innovative technology automatically suggests specific ICD-10 codes, as well as CPT and modifier codes, to improve your accuracy and efficiency.

doctor and patient looking at iPad together

Better Experiences for You and Your Patients

When technology gets in the way instead of helping you, nobody wins. That’s why EMA is iPad-based, giving you the freedom to move around the room and engage in meaningful discussions, instead of typing at a computer.

Tap the screen to instantly document and display key information, including a visual timeline to show patients their health progress. At the end of the visit, our modmed® Otolaryngology suite automatically generates a detailed note and bill before the patient even leaves the room.

man in button-down shirt using PocketEMA app on iPhone

Your Practice When and Where You Want It

Whether you’re at the office, in a seminar or working from home, EMA ensures that nothing gets between you and your otolaryngology patients. With PocketEMA™, the EMA app for smartphones, it’s easy to pull up records and send prescriptions* when patients call, since all your EMA data is stored in the cloud. PocketEMA even comes as an Apple Watch app, letting you view your schedule, chart notes, messages and more at a glance.

A cloud-based practice EHR also eliminates sinking time and money into onsite servers. We take care of upgrades and protect your data—all you have to do is log in.

*Available in most states.

List of available Protocols in EMA

Keep the Detail, Skip the Clicks

For common otolaryngology procedures, visits or conditions, such as sinus problems or ear infections, you can prerecord comprehensive patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment data.

EMA’s Protocols feature allows you to create “master visits” to save you time and effort. During exams, just select one of your existing Protocols to populate that information in the record instantly, documenting the entire visit. This means you only have to record patient, procedure, diagnosis and treatment information once before effortlessly applying it to routine visits or new patients.

male ENT vocal right and mid false vocal chord 3d diagram in EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas

A Visual Way to Capture Data

With the Interactive Anatomical Atlas™, you can zoom in and peel back 3D layers to see specific areas of the ear, nasal cavity, larynx and pharynx. These advanced illustrations are a powerful tool for otolaryngology patient education. Plus, since there are thousands of anatomical locations preloaded, the ICD-10 codes populate automatically when you tap on an image.

Modernizing Medicine Client Services team

Support You Can Trust

Modernizing Medicine’s Client Services team is available to support your practice. Through onboarding and beyond, they’re responsive, professional and dedicated to helping you get the most out of EMA.

Even More Ways to Make Rich Documentation Easy

electronically signing a patient consent form for direct laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy and airway dilation in EMA on iPad

Electronic Consent Forms

Create and sign consent forms fast on the iPad, then save them directly to the patient’s EMA medical records.

integrated photography in EMA for nasal endoscopy

Integrated Photography Solutions

Take photos on your iPad, show them to patients and instantly attach them to specific parts of the electronic patient record software.

Drawing Board in EMA on iPad showing larynx

Electronic Drawing Board

Draw freehand on photos and diagrams, rotate and scale drawings and automatically add them to the chart.

Innovation Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Our clients have seen the advantages of EMA technology firsthand. That’s why healthcare leaders nationwide ranked EMA #1 among ENT EHR systems in an unbiased, large-scale study by Black Book™ Research for three consecutive years. How did your current EHR system do?

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

Josh Werber, MD

Josh Werber, MD, Great Neck Ear, Nose & Throat

“The training provided by Modernizing Medicine has been excellent, with material presented in an organized, unhurried fashion. Their team has also been very cooperative with incorporating our recommendations into EMA.”

Bert Brown, MD

Bert Brown, MD, Cleveland Ear Nose and Throat, Inc.

“EMA anticipates my next move and remembers my common diagnoses. It’s so intuitive because practicing ENT physicians developed it. My previous system was not designed to follow a real doctor’s workflow. EMA is more practical and works the way doctors are used to thinking.”

David Lehman, MD

David Lehman, MD, Senior Medical Director of Otolaryngology

“I think the biggest obstacle holding doctors back from moving to better systems is simply the fear of change. I’m thankful to have EMA. It’s the system I wished I had for seven years. I see where the future of EHR systems has to be to help doctors save time and document and code more accurately. EMA is it.”


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