Premium Analytics for OBGYN

Check your practice’s vitals and make informed decisions 
based on the data your practice is already collecting

Premium Analytics for OBGYN

Check your practice’s vitals and make informed decisions 
based on the data your practice is already collecting

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What if the data from your OBGYN EHR and Practice Management systems could help you identify high-risk patients to follow up with, compare numbers on childbirth and delivery methods, and benchmark against CMS standards? Our OBGYN analytics platform presents your practice data in interactive dashboards and customizable reports, making it consumable and actionable.

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"There is nothing that we put into our EHR that we can't get back out in some meaningful way. 
We often pull reports for productivity, collections, different types of diagnoses and appointments."

Dawn Ricker, Practice Administrator, Medina, Ohio

Top OBGYN Analytics and Reports

Diagnosis Drill Down

Analyze treatment methods and track outcomes

This particular view lets you dive into the details that pertain to a particular diagnosis. For example, you could check how often you prescribed medication for incontinence versus referring out for surgical treatment, or keep tabs on population health trends for patients with gestational diabetes to help improve outcomes.

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An image of our diagnosis drilldown report.
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An image of our advanced clinical targeting report.

Advanced Clinical Targeting

Monitor high-risk patients and uncover opportunities

Use this feature to identify clinical gaps and opportunities specific to individual patients or groups. For example, you could take a look at patients with a history of breast cancer, exclude those who had already been seen, and press a button to ensure that visits were scheduled as recommended.

OB Projection Report

Track due dates and delivery methods

Easily monitor your pregnant patients’ estimated due dates with this calendar view, which can help with resource planning at your office. You can also view details on past deliveries, such as the percentage of vaginal deliveries versus C-sections, an important metric that measures quality of care.

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An image of our OB projection report with various due dates.
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An image of our payment variance report.

Payment Variance Report

Compare bills with reimbursements

This report helps you see how much you bill versus how much you get paid. You can also look at how much payers are reimbursing for different types of charges. For example, you could compare reimbursement rates for IUDs, vaccines or medications to help you negotiate contracts and make vendor decisions.

Practice Census: E/M and CPT Codes

Benchmark against CMS coding standards and your peers

See how often your practice is billing for various codes and compare those numbers with the CMS community of providers. Outliers to this data are clearly visible, making it easy to see where your practice could be undercoding or using an incorrect code.

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This shows how you can benchmark against your peers and CMS coding standards.
An image with a line graph and a uterus that speaks to OBGYN analytics.

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