Sophisticated Healthcare IT Suite of EMR, Practice Management, Analytics and More

Sophisticated Healthcare IT Suite of EMR, Practice Management, Analytics and More

Specialty-Specific Solutions Built by Ophthalmologists, for

Ophthalmology, Cataract and Refractive, Glaucoma, Retina, Oculoplastics and Pediatrics

modmed Ophthalmology EMA EHR - The Award-Winning, Specialty-Specific System for Ophthalmology

Made for use on your iPad, our Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA) brings a new approach to cloud-based EMR systems. Created by physicians, this touch-based ophthalmology app intuitively adapts to your unique style of practice, remembering your preferences so you can deliver outstanding care faster. That’s why ophthalmologists nationwide have ranked EMA #1 among ophthalmology EMRs in independent Black Book surveys for two consecutive years. We’ve rolled the best EMR has to offer into this ophthalmology EMR to help you streamline workflow and enhance patient care.

Ophthalmology Practice Management

Simplify ophthalmology practice management by bridging the gap between your front and back offices.

  • Speed up check-in and checkout
  • Streamline office workflow
  • Automate appointment scheduling
  • Manage ophthalmology billing
  • Track financial health with KPI reports

Ophthalmology Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

RCM is the process of managing claims, payments and revenue generation, from before the patient is seen until after their bill is paid. Going beyond what basic ophthalmology billing services offer, our three-pronged approach uses people, processes and innovative technology to handle your revenue drivers.

Flowchart showing Modernizing Medicine RCM process

Analytics for Ophthalmology

Want to know how you’re performing compared to your peers? Or which diabetic patients have missed their retinopathy check-ups? With Analytics, you can unlock those answers and so much more. Our structured data approach can give you insights that you can act on to improve efficiency, revenue and patient outcomes.

Ophthalmology Value-Based Care

Value-based care is about the entire patient experience and the total cost of care associated with that patient. Are you ready to measure your performance based on those standards? At Modernizing Medicine®, we offer value-based care ophthalmology EMR solutions that analyze the clinical and financial aspects of your practice. When you invest in our suite of solutions, you can:

  • Collect your MIPS data during the exam in our 2015 Edition Certified EHR
  • Track your estimated MIPS Composite Score and progress on each measure
  • Benchmark your performance against your peers on a daily basis
  • Take advantage of our Specialized Registries
  • Submit your MIPS data to CMS through our MIPS CQM

Ophthalmology Client Services

When you join the Modernizing Medicine family, you will have an award-winning team of dedicated professionals supporting your initial implementation, as well as your ongoing success with our ophthalmology software!

Discover why more than

eye care providers use modmed Ophthalmology

Discover why more than

eye care providers use modmed Ophthalmology

Having the Best Ophthalmology EMR Technology Matters

Our clients have seen firsthand how our unique combination of technology and ophthalmology knowledge can lead to a healthier practice. With its Cloud, Mobile, Touch functionality, our modmed Ophthalmology software gives them the power to streamline workflows and make better clinical, financial and operational decisions.

Jonathan A. Feistmann, MD, PC, Retina Specialists New York

“Working on the iPad is easy, convenient and really impressive to my patients. Instead of turning my back, I’m able to interact and make eye contact.”

Sarah Baroody, MD, Eye Care of Danbury

“With modmed Ophthalmology, everything is now seamless and under one umbrella. Creating an appointment in Practice Management can simultaneously register a patient and set the stage for billing—it’s extremely efficient.”

Nicole Fram, MD, Advanced Vision Care

“I am a better physician because of EMA. My notes are intelligent, customizable and easy to read. It enables me to do all these things I’ve dreamt of in an EMR, and I’m no longer spending hours dictating each night.”


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