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Healthcare IT is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and it’s crucial to react to the newest technologies when they present an opportunity to improve the practice’s workflow in a meaningful and lasting way.  However, not all new tech is “good” tech and practices have to parse out which capabilities will deliver true value versus the tech trends that are simply a fad.

Healthcare’s entry into a digital, consumer-first landscape is rapidly taking shape, and signs of progress are everywhere. Those signs are creating a wave of enthusiasm for the “digitized” future of our industry – and rightfully so.

Do your patients leave happy after a visit to your dermatology clinic? Are they impressed with your staff? Do they feel seen, heard and properly cared for? If they don’t, how do you know, and what can you do to fix it?

Adopting the right technology can help allocate or reallocate time from physicians and staff to focus on patient engagement and satisfaction.

We see advertising every day. Whether on TV, your laptop, your phone or in your mail, we’re constantly surrounded by it. Many campaigns focus on product features like the best camera or the slickest screen. However, some of the most successful campaigns connect with us through empathy.