Gastroenterology Software for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Gastroenterology Software for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Help Improve Efficiency and Practice Performance With Endoscopy Reporting Software, Practice Management and More

Your goal is to spend less time writing procedure reports and more time doing procedures. To solve your patients’ problems, not deal with server problems. To stop searching for the information you need and start using it to help make informed decisions.

That’s why we built the gGastro suite. It’s fast and easy to use, and it works the same way in all your practice settings. Whether you’re at the ASC, office or hospital and on cloud or server, gGastro puts the information you need at your fingertips so you can deliver your best care faster. Choose a solution to learn more.

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gGastro Endoscopy Report Writer

The endowriter that helps you make the most of your time

gGastro Endoscopy Report Writer

The endowriter that helps you make the most of your time

gGastro erw

Imagine yourself documenting a routine procedure note in seconds and responding to patient messages in minutes. Or seeing more patients and, at the end of the day, having less paperwork left to do. Well, our gGastro ERW has helped thousands of gastroenterologists do exactly that.

How? It has GI knowledge built in and can adjust to fit your specific workflow, saving you from unnecessary clicks and typing. By populating existing data from your office and hospital records, our endoscopy image capture software can automatically help you document faster, without switching between systems.

So you can not only leave work on time, but also leave more time for the work you love.

  • Quick Notes – document standard procedures in a few clicks
  • Reliable cloud option with established vendor experience – save time and money by skipping server maintenance and manual updates
  • Single system across all care settings – no need to learn different workflows for cloud, server, ASC, office and hospital
  • Integrated Nursing Notes – add data straight into the doctor’s final note, eliminating duplicate data entry
  • gGastro Mobile – view your schedule, patient data and more right from your smartphone

Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

Pamela Isabel, MS, CMPE, Administrator, Woodholme Gastroenterology

Pamela Isabel, MS, CMPE, Administrator, Woodholme Gastroenterology

“gGastro and gPM make it easy to track activities associated with patient care, which is a huge advantage and helps for a smoother patient experience. Patient data is well organized within the system and easily available in a variety of ways. Rapid retrieval of information helps us provide better medical care.”

David Smith, Chief Information and Security Officer, Capital Digestive Care

David Smith, Chief Information and Security Officer, Capital Digestive Care

“Since switching to the cloud, we’ve experienced significant improvements, such as increased performance and less downtime, plus issues are quickly addressed. We’ve also saved over $200,000 in hardware and software upgrades, so it’s been financially strategic for our organization.”

gPM™ Ambulatory Surgery Center Practice Management System

Your scheduling, billing and admin tasks—simplified

Does your staff get bogged down with busy work and struggle to keep up with billing and collections? Do they have to flip between different systems, wrestle with spreadsheets or even call your GI office just to get the information they need?

gPM can help you calm the chaos and get more done by keeping everything in one place. As part of the seamless gGastro suite, this easy-to-learn gastroenterology practice management system is designed to make tasks quicker, and it works at your office, too. And that’s just the start of how gPM can help you improve office flow and patient experiences.

  • Seamlessly connect with gGastro EHR and gGastro ERW to integrate patient records
  • Foster effective staff collaboration with advanced tasking and tools
  • Create patient payment plans to provide added flexibility and convenience
  • Help speed up ambulatory surgery center billing with automated insurance eligibility verification and claim scrubbing
  • Bill for office, endocenter, professional and facility charges on one platform
  • And much more

Don’t believe gGastro can be this fast?

Just ask to speak with one of our client references. They’ll tell you all about their experience, and you can even visit their practice to see for yourself.

ASC Quality Reporting Tools

Easily Bring Together ASC and Office Metrics for Gastroenterology MIPS

With MIPS affecting an increasing proportion of your ambulatory surgery center reimbursements, it’s important to make the most of your ASC quality measures. That’s why gGastro ERW works together with gGastro EHR, capturing detailed quality metric data for patients you treat in the endocenter and automatically sending it back to your office. That way, you should be able to submit your MIPS measures together without worries of missing valuable data points. It’s that simple.

But it doesn’t stop there. gGastro includes a built-in MIPS solution to help you work towards achieving success in your ambulatory surgery center quality reporting (ASCQR), with:

  • Fast, easy ways to collect MIPS data in gGastro ERW and gGastro EHR
  • Support for GIQuIC gastroenterology registry reporting
  • A built-in MIPS dashboard that tracks your estimated score
  • Visibility into your progress on each reportable MIPS measure and category
  • Industry leadership in supporting gastroenterology MIPS success
  • Personal MIPS coaching available from CMHP-Certified MIPS Advisors
  • Help satisfying the HIE Bi-Directional Exchange measure with Carequality Integration
MIPS summary displayed on gastroenterology EHR

gInsights™ Ambulatory Surgery Center Analytics Platform

Understand your operations effortlessly—no spreadsheets needed

To manage your ASC efficiently, it’s important to get a bird’s-eye view of what’s running smoothly and where bottlenecks may occur. It also helps to be able to delve into the details—to identify potential issues concerning specific providers or patients, and to gain perspective by benchmarking against peers.

Instead of spending days compiling spreadsheets, you can get all these answers in seconds with gInsights. The result? You’re better equipped to find ways to see more patients, increase clinical quality and strengthen your financial health.

Patient Engagement Endocenter Solutions

Provide excellent service and involve patients in their care

In the age of online reviews and comparison shopping, patients are looking for more than just quality care and short wait times at your gastroenterology ambulatory surgery center. They want a great experience that gets them engaged from before the appointment until long after they leave. That’s why we offer innovative patient engagement solutions, including:

  • gKiosk™ – help speed up intake with iPad forms
  • gPortal™ – provide around-the-clock online access
  • gReminder+™ – help reduce no-show rates
  • gSurvey – get feedback to better serve patients

Gastroenterology Client Services for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

From online to onsite, our support team has you covered

When you invest in technology, it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the people behind it. From before implementation through ongoing support, you can trust our friendly team members to help you get the most out of our gGastro gastroenterology software. We can even work with you to customize our software configurations and implementation models for your needs.

ModMed Services team
ModMed Services team member
ModMed Services team
ModMed Services team members

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