Gastroenterology Patient Engagement Tools

Patient Kiosk, Patient Portal, Appointment Reminders, and Patient Surveys Within the gGastro® Suite

Gastroenterology Patient Engagement Tools

Patient Kiosk, Patient Portal, Appointment Reminders, and Patient Surveys Within the gGastro® Suite

patient kiosk listing allergies on iPad and iPhone

In today’s era of value-based care and consumerization of healthcare, patient satisfaction and engagement have become increasingly important to gastroenterology practices. The more invested and involved your patients are in their own healthcare process, the more likely they may be to adhere to treatments and make informed health decisions.

That’s why we’ve developed gastroenterology patient engagement solutions to aid in improving satisfaction and care quality, from a self check-in kiosk to an appointment reminder service.

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patient in waiting room using modmed Kiosk on iPad


smiling male patient sitting on couch at home using laptop


girl with glasses reading text on smart phone with gReminder for a gastroenterology appointment


girl with glasses reading text on smart phone with gReminder for a gastroenterology appointment

gKiosk iPad Patient Check-In & Checkout App

Say Goodbye to Paper Intake Forms

Check-in, checkout and discharge just got a lot easier with gKiosk, our electronic patient check-in app that integrates seamlessly with our gGastro® EHR and gPM™ practice management system as part of the gGastro suite. With just a few taps on the iPad, gKiosk collects data you need and stores it in the patient’s electronic medical record. Imagine—consent forms, demographics, clinical data, signatures and more, all filled out by the patient when they walk in and before they leave. No need to enter the data manually; it’s already there for staff to easily review and accept. And depending on how your gastroenterology practice is set up, you may be able to be up and running with gKiosk in as little as two weeks.

Your patients will enjoy saving time and seeing that you’re on the leading edge of healthcare. And with less paper piling up, your front office will love it, too. Some benefits may include:

  • Speed up check-in, checkout and discharge
  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction
  • Allow patients to complete certain quality measures
  • Increase staff productivity by eliminating excessive data entry
  • Get one step closer to a completely paperless office
  • Streamline patient flow while reducing data entry errors
  • Be more environmentally friendly

Featured success story:

Leslie Cosner, Practice Manager

Leslie Cosner, Practice Manager

Charlottesville Gastroenterology

“gKiosk has improved our patient data collection and made patient intake more efficient. Patients can ensure their information is accurate, thorough and up to date, which allows our gastroenterologists to treat appropriately and promotes a quality visit for each patient.”

With gKiosk, the Center for Digestive Health saves up to:


for each existing patient


for each new patient

gPortal Gastroenterology Patient Portal

Streamline Communication to Help Improve Patient Satisfaction

Provide patient access around the clock with this robust patient health portal. Seamlessly integrated with the gGastro EHR and gPM practice management system, it’s designed to keep your patients satisfied and engaged. They can even pay online, helping make patient collections simpler for your staff and friendlier for your patients.

gPortal Gastroenterology Patient Portal
male and female smiling, pointing at paperwork and working on a laptop
physician with stethoscope typing on a laptop on a gastroenterology portal login screen

With gPortal, patients can:

  • Confirm, cancel or reschedule upcoming appointments
  • See outstanding balances – if your practice uses gPM
  • Pay bills online
  • Send private messages and request refills
  • Receive email notifications when new materials are available
  • Grant access to an authorized representative
  • Share their health summary with other care providers
  • View:
    • Electronic medical records
    • Orders
    • Lab results
    • Patient education
  • Review and update their own records, including:
    • Review of systems
    • Medical history
    • Medications

You and your staff can:

  • Communicate with patients through encrypted messaging
  • Review and accept patients’ data edits
  • Automatically invite patients to the portal when creating an appointment
  • Keep track of patient activity with our searchable access log
  • Send billing-related messages right from the gPM collections queue
  • Collect certain MIPS data for patient engagement
  • Reduce staff time spent on data entry
  • Send automated appointment reminders through the patient online portal
  • Generate tasks from portal messages
  • Configure:
    • Which data patients can view and edit
    • Your portal page with a welcome message and practice branding
    • Login security preferences
    • And much more

gReminder+ Automated Appointment Reminder Service

girl with sunglasses holding smartphone
text message confirming gastroenterology appointment
green text bubble with number 1
text with appointment confirmation

Reduce No-Shows and Improve Patient Convenience

Our gReminder+ patient reminder service makes it easy for patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments, so you can make the most of provider schedules without adding to staff workload. As part of our all-in-one suite, gReminder+ functions as part of the patient scheduling software in gPM, letting staff see at a glance whether patients have confirmed or requested to cancel appointments.

For your staff, this can mean spending less time calling and more time meeting patients’ needs. And for your providers, it can mean fewer patient no-shows and cancellations.

  • Phone calls, texts and emails automatically sent to patients
  • Customizable, patient group, provider and location-specific messages
  • Patients can confirm, cancel or reschedule through gPortal
  • Automatic no-show engagement message to reschedule
  • Choose how many reminders and when to send
  • Professional voice talent in English and Spanish
  • Response integration
  • Multiple search function and reports available

gSurvey Automated Reputation Management and Visit Survey

Designed to give you the feedback that can help you better serve your patients, gSurvey lets you choose from three ready-made surveys:

  • Reputation Management: Turn satisfied patients into advocates and let dissatisfied patients provide feedback privately.
  • Visit Survey: Get actionable patient feedback and coordinate service recovery from three ready-made patient satisfaction surveys to send to patients via text and email.
  • Practice CAHPS®* – Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems: An in-depth survey that was built to mimic CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (CG-CAHPS) results so you can take a deep dive into the patient experience.

*This is not a certified CAHPS survey. CAHPS®: Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems CAHPS is a program of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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