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Integrated Inventory Management

Streamline dispensing while documenting in EMA®

What if you could improve efficiencies and business operations all while helping to elevate the patient experience?

Using our Inventory Management system, it may help you achieve this and more.

Offered as an integrated solution paired with EMA®, our Inventory Management solution can help you manage your inventory. Let our software help give you a clear picture into quantities of products and adjust stock in your office while working with our EHR and Practice Management systems. Discover how you can enhance your ability to track and manage products sold and administered during your patient’s next visit.

Dispense report in EHR inventory management

Streamlined Point of Sale and Dispensing

  • Track quantities dispensed while seeing the patient directly in their chart
  • Document recommended and purchased products
  • Inventory integrates with some of EMA’s most commonly used plans right from the Virtual Exam Room
Dispense report in EHR inventory management

Comprehensive Inventory

  • Track inventory across multiple locations and cabinets
  • Add, dispense, transfer and adjust stock as needed
  • See notifications for low inventory to help to diminish missed revenue opportunities
Dispense report in EHR inventory management

Deeper Insights With Analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse of inventory and stock with reports such as:

  • Transactions report with filters
  • Inventory list
  • Inventory activity
  • Sales by provider and staff
  • Revenue sheet
  • Tracking movement of stock
Dispense report in EHR inventory management

Even Better When Paired With Practice Management

When used with both EMA and our Practice Management system, you can:

  • Automatically post products from a visit as well as to a patient’s bill—helping save staff time and improve office communication
  • Add customized notes as to why a patient opted not to purchase a recommended product
  • Simply select payment type including cash, check, credit cards or custom payment method, and easily print receipts

Discover how our Inventory Management solution can help you better track, measure and analyze products sold.

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