Inventory Management for Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Practices

Track your practice’s supply of products and services rendered

Inventory Management for Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Practices

Track your practice’s supply of products and services rendered

What if you could improve efficiencies and help elevate the patient experience? By using Inventory Management in combination with EMA®, ranked as the #1 dermatology and plastic surgery EHR systems for 6 consecutive years, you can track your inventory to better serve your patients.

Improved efficiencies. Elevated patient experiences. It’s possible with Modernizing Medicine®.

Dispense report in EHR inventory management

Streamlined Point of Sale and Dispensing

Did you know the cloud-based Inventory Management system can help you:

  • Track quantity dispensed by provider, staff member, product and vendor
  • Monitor applicable discounts and cost of goods sold
  • Set rules defined by your practice to automatically track points and discounts through a rewards or membership program that you may have in place
  • Select payment type including credit cards, gift cards or loyalty program points
Comprehensive inventory in dermatology EHR

Thorough Inventory Tracking

Looking for a more efficient way to help streamline operations and save you and your staff time? With Inventory Management, you can:

  • Track inventory across multiple locations and cabinets with the option to add cabinets and bins, color code each and select stock
  • Receive alerts for expiring inventory and promotions while monitoring cosmetic services like laser treatments
  • Create kits with procedure and product combinations of your choosing for patients
Transaction report in inventory management for plastic surgery EHR system

Detailed and Customized Reporting

Help balance your books with the Daily Reconciliation Summary and create financial reports including:

  • Inventory List
  • Inventory Activity
  • Sales by Provider
  • Transaction Reports with Filters
  • Payment Details
  • Sales Tax
Patient targeting report in inventory management system

Better Serve Your Patients

Enhance and personalize the patient experience using identifiable information such as birthdays, injectable recalls, age groups, referral sources and money spent to create targeted marketing and email campaigns. You can even set up special offers based on the product or vendor.


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