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Streamline Your Performance

Modernizing Medicine's® Pathology module simplifies your pathology lab process from beginning to end.

Pathology streamlines lab processes.

This fully integrated pathology module relies upon built-in industry expertise and innovative technology to receive and track dermatopathology results right in modmed Dermatology™. No more paperwork, faxes* or separate files to attach to the patient record. It’s all in EMA™.

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* unless your practice is reading for outside providers

Eliminate Steps and Free Up Time

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Modernizing Medicine’s Pathology module is all about efficiency. From providing you with a view of the lifecycle of a specimen through the entire process to pre-populating information and automatically loading results, diagnoses and a recommended plan of action, you’ll notice that it functions seamlessly as part of EMA.

The result? This fully integrated service eliminates the need for repeated entry of requisition information in multiple systems, giving you time to accomplish more in your day.

Benefits of our Pathology module



  • Quick access to information enables more specimens to be processed per day
  • Minimizes the need for typing with prepopulated information and customizable shortcuts

Simplified Billing

  • With a two-way bridge, EMA Dermatology automatically sends charges to the practice management system, eliminating the manual entry of your bills
  • Generates a billing summary for each requisition


  • Clearly displays the patient chart, visit, biopsy pictures and pathology reports
  • Practices no longer need to spend time scanning incoming pathology reports


  • Automation reduces the chances of data-entry errors
  • Cuts down on the loss or misplacing of paperwork






  • Make it work for you by customizing built-in diagnoses, abbreviations and stains or add your own form from scratch


  • Equipped with a library of more than 900 diagnoses, 100 stains and abbreviations that are easily tailored to fit your specific requirements
  • Preloads common diagnoses and a recommended plan of action

One Size Fits All

Pathology supports practices of all sizes, including individual pathologists, small pathology groups, practices that outsource the technical component and even large labs that process both external requisitions received by courier and those generated in EMA Dermatology.

Physician to Physician

The best advice you can get on a pathology module is from another physician who uses it. Hear what our customers have to say. Get firsthand accounts from physicians with our video testimonials and case studies, or let us put you in touch with a physician who uses Pathology.

Our pathology process has been simplified considerably since we began using Pathology. The report is created by our pathologist and is automatically attached to the patient record giving me instant access to the findings.

See how the most powerful EMR system built for dermatologists can now streamline your pathology lab processes.

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