Pathology Lab Reporting Software

Simplify your pathology lab workflow with our paperless LIS solution

Pathology Lab Reporting Software

Simplify your pathology lab workflow with our paperless LIS solution

Designed to reduce or even eliminate paperwork, faxes and scanning files when used with EMA™, Modernizing Medicine®’s Pathology module allows you to become nearly paperless. Whether you do the technical component, the professional component or both, you can manage the entire lifecycle of a specimen and automatically share results in real time upon electronically signing the pathology report.

“Inputting the gross descriptions is almost

4x as fast

with Pathology as with our old process.”
– Matthew Petitt, DO, Southeast Dermatology

More than

2 million

patients have been diagnosed
using our Pathology module

Pathology module on laptop

Streamline Your Performance

Addressing an end-to-end process from accession to corrections, Modernizing Medicine’s Pathology solution relies upon built-in industry expertise and innovative EMA technology to receive requisitions, track them through the lab workflow and send the dermatopathology results to modmed® Dermatology. No more scanning paperwork or faxing*—it’s all already in EMA.
*Unless your practice is reading for outside providers.

Eliminate Steps and Free Up Time

Modernizing Medicine’s Pathology module is all about efficiency, functioning in conjunction with ModMed Dermatology’s medical EMR system. The result? A solution that eliminates repetitive data entry and that can save you time, so you can do more with your day. The future of a Pathology EMR software has arrived—we can’t wait to show you how much easier it’s going to make your life!

Pathology module on laptop

The Benefits of Our Pathology Module


  • Quick access to information can enable the processing of more specimens per day
  • Pre-populated information and customizable shortcuts minimize typing tasks


  • Displays and provides access to the patient chart, visit, biopsy pictures and pathology reports
  • Practices no longer need to spend time scanning incoming pathology reports, and the lab does not have to manually enter requisition data


  • Make it work for you by customizing built-in diagnoses, abbreviations and stains
  • Select setup options that match your lab workflow


  • With a two-way bridge, or with our Practice Management (PM) system, the Pathology module automatically sends charges to the PM system, eliminating manual billing
  • Billing data is available to download for reconciliation purposes


  • Automation reduces the likelihood of data entry errors
  • Cloud storage mitigates the risk of lost or misplaced paperwork


  • Equipped with a library of more than 950 diagnoses, 100 stains and abbreviations that are easily tailored to your specific requirements
  • Preloads common diagnoses and a recommended plan of action in EMA’s results log based on your setup

Sometimes, One Size Does Fit All

Pathology supports practices of all sizes, including individual dermatopathologists, small to large dermatology groups, practices that outsource technical or professional components and even large labs that process both external requisitions received by courier and those generated in ModMed Dermatology.

We wanted to do more than build an EMR system; we wanted to bring the human experience back into the equation while striving for data-driven results. That’s exactly what inspired the creation of Pathology and continues to inspire our improvements to all our offerings.

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

Eli Piatigorsky, MD

Eli Piatigorsky, MD, Premier Dermatology

“From the moment we receive the slides from the outside laboratory, our turnaround time can be less than one hour. The diagnosis is entered in the pathology software and is instantly available in the patient’s chart.”

Matthew Petitt, DO

Matthew Petitt, DO, Southeast Dermatology

“It’s as if the patient chart physically goes to the lab, making everything that happens in the exam room accessible to the dermatopathologist. We’ve also freed up time spent on reporting and manually entering data and eliminated duplicate data entry, decreasing the probability of errors.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple accession sequences?

Yes. Each pathologist, facility and workflow can have an accession sequence.

Are there privacy settings for the Pathology module?

Yes, you can grant access to those who will be using the module only and hide the module from other users.

Can I track productivity with reporting tools in the Pathology module?

Yes, the module contains reports to track productivity, as well as stains and billing.

Will the Pathology module handle my label and cassette printing?

Yes, our module will handle slide or cassette label printing in most cases.

Can I still send some cases to external labs with the Pathology module?

Yes. In the Virtual Exam Room, you are able to route cases to either the internal lab or any external lab you are interfaced with.

Sometimes I send cases for a second opinion. Does the Pathology module allow for that?

Yes, the module will allow you to send cases for a second opinion and allow a space to drag and drop a second opinion report if one is sent back.

I use my own macros. Can I edit yours to reflect what I am used to?

Yes, our library of approximately 1,000 diagnoses can be customized to mirror your current diagnosis macros. You can also ignore our library and start from scratch.

How does your Pathology module track cases? For example, if a patient calls in wondering about their biopsy.

Our reporting screen has a tracking mechanism option. You can search by accession number or patient name, and a link will bring you to wherever the case is within the module.

What does workflow look like for practices using the Pathology module with EMA?

Workflow with EMA and Pathology typically follows these steps:

  1. Clinician sees patient and sends requisition to lab
    • Histotechs process slides and document them in Pathology module
  2. Dermatopathologist can see patient chart, biopsy photos and old pathology reports as they diagnose current case
  3. Lab report is completed and signed
    • Charges can automatically bridge to PM system
  4. EMA auto-populates results into patient chart
  5. Clinician signs off

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