Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Our experienced billing team helps with medical billing and patient collections so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Our experienced billing team helps with medical billing and patient collections so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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Advanced Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Medical Practices

Every year, US doctors lose an estimated $125 billion in revenue* Changing medical coding guidelines. Staffing shortages. Not enough hours in the day. You are busy, and chances are, you aren’t as focused on the financial health of your practice as you could be. ModMed®’s BOOST RCM service can help.

Our team works with you to solve billing challenges, put the right processes in place and gain more visibility into your revenue cycle, so you can stay focused on providing your best care.

*Healthcare Business & Technology.

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#1 Integrated EHR + PM + RCM* Solution

*2024 Black Book

How Our Revenue Cycle Services Work

To truly address your revenue cycle from before patients are seen until after their balances are paid, you need more than just basic medical claims processing. That’s why our comprehensive ModMed BOOST RCM solution combines billing specialists, proven processes and practice management technology.

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Running a Practice Is Hard. Medical Billing Doesn’t Have to Be.

From the beginning to the end of your revenue cycle, our billing specialists and certified medical coders are there to support your success. We can even take patient calls, submit claims on your behalf, work with you to resolve denials, and handle other time-consuming tasks.

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Evaluate Your RCM Performance Metrics

Many practices miss the mark on financial performance because they aren’t analyzing key factors that impact their revenue cycle. How can you address problems with your revenue cycle if you don’t know where to look?

To see how your practice measures up, you need to assess your key medical billing and coding metrics and consider the impact of:

  • Total Clinical Collections — How much do you generate in total clinical collections?
  • Net Collection Ratio — What percentage of money do you collect against the amount you are legally owed?
  • Adjustments/Write-offs — What are your current insurance adjustments? Are all of your write-offs justified?
  • Days Sales Outstanding — How long from the date of service is it taking you to collect money?
  • Aged A/R Analysis — What are your current accounts receivable balances?

When you sign up for ModMed BOOST RCM, your practice’s client manager will take a closer look at these key performance indicators and work with you to address them.

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Medical Billing Services + Healthcare RCM Software

ModMed BOOST RCM brings together the personal support of our incredible client managers and our innovative Practice Management system. In addition to our billing services, our team will show you how to use our PM software and take advantage of the RCM software features and reporting we provide to our ModMed BOOST clients.

We work with you to create an RCM service plan that works for your practice and we match you with the members of our team who understand your medical specialty.

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Save Time with an All-in-One Solution

Our billing services and practice management system work seamlessly with our EHR, EMA®, to help you drive cost savings and efficiency.

Our revenue cycle management service supports the following medical specialties:

Need an RCM solution for your gastroenterology practice or ambulatory surgery center?

Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

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Maria Ruttig, Practice AdministratorOkaloosa County, Florida

​​”Billing in-house was starting to get overwhelming, but the RCM services saved my sanity. We’ve consistently remained better than the benchmark for denials and rejections, and I would say cash flow has improved.”

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Dipa Patel, MDGrand Rapids, Michigan

“We are so appreciative of the incredible knowledge base and skill set that our ModMed BOOST client manager brings to the table. It has been reassuring to have her lead our team to greater efficiency and productivity.”

Give Your Revenue Cycle a BOOST

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