Patient Portal and APPatient™

Help Patients Engage With Their Own Care

Allow your patients to access and manage their healthcare information from anywhere they have Internet access, whether it’s on their PC or on the go.

Patient Portal

Our modern, convenient Patient Portal is fully integrated with our cloud-based EHR system, EMA®.

patient portal in laptop showing contact info
From one easy-to-use place, patients can:

Our Patient Portal can help your practice by reducing administrative tasks and paperwork, streamlining patient-provider communication and increasing patient engagement.

medical history in ModMed Kiosk on iPad

ModMed® Kiosk

Our Patient Portal gives patients the ability to update their information online before in-person and telehealth appointments. But ModMed® Kiosk offers a way for patients to complete intake forms in your waiting room, paper-free.

With just a few taps, our patient check-in app for the iPad collects the data your practice requests, and seamlessly stores it in the patient’s medical record.

Ready to help your practice reduce paperwork and streamline patient flow?

Patient Self-Scheduling

Included in our Premium+ Solution, Self-Scheduling, allows patients to request or reschedule appointments from the Patient Portal, or from their patient recall message*, without having to call your front desk. Giving patients the freedom to manage their schedule outside of office hours from virtually anywhere may improve patient satisfaction and can possibly reduce patient call volumes.

See how Patient Self-Scheduling can help your practice manage its schedule while offering time-saving convenience for both patients and staff.

ModMed Pay terminal

ModMed® Pay

By adding on ModMed® Pay, our payment processing service, patients can view and settle their balances in the Patient Portal. But ModMed Pay offers even more ways for patients to pay. Integrated with our Practice Management system, this solution offers multiple payment options, including text-to-pay and online quick pay.

Find out how ModMed Pay can make payment processing simple.


Our smartphone app for iPhone and Android offers many of the same features as the Patient Portal from the convenience of your patients’ mobile devices.

smartphone with APPatient app

With APPatient, patients can:

  • See past and upcoming appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Message staff
  • Access their medical records

Additionally, the APPatient app provides patients a way to launch telehealth appointments with high-resolution video chat capability.

Offering telehealth visits is an important way modern practices can stay connected with their patients and provide peace of mind, whether your office is open or closed.

See Why Our Patient Collaboration Tools Are the Right Fit for Your Practice

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