Klara®’s AI system puts the power to schedule in your patients’ hands.

When you encourage patient engagement by making appointment scheduling easier, you may see higher levels of satisfaction. Especially with busy patients who are hard to reach during your office hours. That’s the power of our system.

Effectively simple patient scheduling. Just what the doctor ordered.

Your patients have better things to do with their time than play phone tag, and so does your staff. Klara’s Self-Scheduling* functionality gives patients the freedom to easily request or reschedule their own appointments using texts or automated systems. Our comprehensive, AI-powered tool can help reduce phone volume and centralize communication for a smooth patient experience from start to finish.

Giving patients the freedom to manage their schedule outside of office hours empowers patients and could help reduce patient call volumes.

*Requires additional purchase

Smart phone screen showing a telehealth visit
Smart phone screen showing a telehealth visit

Some notable features include:

  • Custom Scheduling Links – allow patients to schedule via a pre-filtered link by appointment type and provider criteria
  • Appointment Availability – allow practices to customize their schedule by configuring which available appointments can be booked
  • Time zone Support – display the time zone of the appointment location at the time of scheduling and in appointment reminders
  • Insurance Collection – ask patients to upload their insurance information during the scheduling flow
  • Multi-Channel Scheduling – patients can schedule from their cell phone, the Klara conversation thread or webchat

Patient Portal

Access to their care right at their fingertips. That’s what the Patient Portal, an enhanced feature by ModMed, allows your patients to experience. Whether on their PC or on the go, they can manage their healthcare information from anywhere they have Internet access.

patient portal showing contact info

While logged in to the portal, your patients can:

  • Log in to telehealth visits
  • Request prescription refills
  • View notes, lab results and educational material
  • …and more

Learn about more ways Patient Portal can empower your patients to get more engaged in their care.

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