Patient Self-Scheduling

Put the power to schedule in your patients’ hands.

Practices that empower patients to take a hands-on approach to their care may see higher levels of engagement and satisfaction. One way to encourage patient engagement is to offer a tool that makes appointment scheduling easier, even for busy patients that are hard to reach during your office hours.

Enable Patients to Set Their Schedule Themselves

With the Self-Scheduling add-on for Practice Management, patients can request or reschedule appointments from the Patient Portal or from their patient recall message*, without having to call your front desk.

Patient Self-Scheduling interface

Giving patients the freedom to manage their schedule outside of office hours empowers patients and could help reduce patient call volumes.

*Requires additional purchase

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Some notable features for practices include:

  • Flexibility to approve appointment requests automatically or manually
  • The ability to view last-minute cancellations so that you can try to fill them
  • Customizable configuration by available appointment types, providers, dates, locations and appointment duration
  • Customized questions from your practice, including text entry, drop down lists, and single and multiple selection lists
  • Support provider productivity with waitlist functionality to fill gaps in your schedule

Some notable features for patients include:

  • 24/7 access to make in-office or virtual appointments
  • Mobile-focused design for smartphone users
  • Simple, user-friendly entry of demographics and insurance information
  • Capability to search for the next available appointment with accurate, real-time availability
  • Ability to request multiple appointments

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Patient Portal

Patient Portal allows your patients to access and manage their healthcare information from anywhere they have Internet access, whether it’s on their PC or on the go.

patient portal showing contact info

While logged in to the portal, your patients can:

  • Log in to telehealth visits
  • Request prescription refills
  • View notes, lab results and educational material
  • …and more.

Learn about more ways Patient Portal can empower your patients to get more engaged in their care.

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