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Provide Around-the-Clock Access

Allow your patients to manage their healthcare from anywhere they have Internet access. Fully integrated with our cloud-based EHR system, EMA®, our modern, convenient patient portal makes it easy for patients to review and update their medical records, schedule appointments, access test results, send private messages and much more.

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Our patient portal can help:

  • Increase patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Streamline patient-provider communication
  • Reduce administrative tasks and paperwork

How Important Is Patient Engagement?


of chronic patients want their healthcare provider to touch base regularly so they can be alerted if anything looks off 1


of patients with access to patient portals say they have helped them take a more active role in their healthcare 2


of patients with access to portals have prevented phone calls or appointments as a result of using patient portals 2


of patients will choose a doctor who offers online scheduling over a competitor who doesn’t.3

Today’s patients expect cutting-edge technology

Despite all the benefits patient portals can have, a recent survey of more than 12,000 patients found that 83% of patients who attempted to use a patient portal found it difficult to navigate.4 Health portal sites are now a common EMR system feature, but many are so complex or poorly designed that patients simply don’t want to use them. This hurts your ability to engage patients.

That’s why we designed our health portal to be as convenient and user-friendly as the consumer apps your patients use every day. Our patient online portal gives your patients the freedom to access their health data.

When patients can manage their health as easily as they can shop online or use social networks, they have a better chance of engaging with the portal and continuing health conversations with you outside the office. Then, at their next visit, they can use what they learned online to have more meaningful in-person discussions.

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With our patient portal, patients can…

Enjoy a seamless, convenient experience:

  • Easily navigate our clean, friendly interface
  • Log into the healthcare portal from their computer
  • Request refills with just a few clicks

Easily access key information:

Review, input and edit:

  • Past medical history
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Family and social history
  • Preferred pharmacy
  • Contact information


  • Diagnoses
  • Visit notes
  • Educational handouts
  • Test results

Be more involved in the healthcare process:

  • Communicate with your practice around the clock via encrypted online messaging
  • Save time by quickly updating their info from home before a visit
  • Have representatives access the portal on their behalf if they’re underage or disabled
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their health and how to improve it

You and your staff can…

Manage patient data effectively:

  • Activate the portal when you’re with the patient
  • Help ensure patient data is accurate and up to date
  • Reconcile and track all edits made by patients

Stay connected with patients:

  • Give patients access to their own health information
  • Manage population health by alerting patients of care gaps
  • Provide patient access without the security risks of phone calls, texts or emails
  • Help reduce patient phone calls and unnecessary visits

Deliver better care more efficiently:

  • Decrease administrative work by reducing paper check-in forms
  • Avoid the added costs and IT headaches of a third-party patient portal
  • Promote patient treatment adherence, loyalty and retention

Patient Self-Scheduling (Add-on)

Ready to take the EMA patient portal to the next level? Add Patient Self-Scheduling to help keep your schedule full while creating faster, more convenient experiences for both patients and staff.

  • Flexible: Approve appointment requests automatically or manually
  • Fast: Save valuable time on the phone for both staff and patients
  • Convenient: Let patients schedule virtually anywhere, anytime in just a few clicks
  • Real-Time: Show last-minute cancellations to help you fill them
  • Customizable: Configure available appointment types, providers, dates, locations and duration

Whether they’re on their phone, laptop or iPad, patients can easily access self-scheduling on your website or from their patient recall message. Working seamlessly with EMA and Practice Management, Patient Self-Scheduling automatically lets patients know their appointment is either confirmed or awaiting confirmation.

It’s never been so easy to connect patients with your care.

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