EMR Implementation Models

Choose the EMA® EMR Training Options That Work for You

EMR Implementation Models

Choose the EMA® EMR Training Options That Work for You

To help you get the most out of EMA, we offer a wide variety of EMR training options you can combine to meet your needs—whether you prefer a slow, steady approach or an aggressive plan tailored for the super tech-savvy. Our EHR implementation project plans differ based on how you prefer to learn, your practice size and complexity, your time frame, and your comfort level. For more information on available EMA implementation packages and associated fees, please contact us.

We offer training options to support you at every stage:
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Stage 1 – Adoption

ModMed® University logo

ModMed® U is an online educational tool designed to teach the fundamentals of our EMA electronic health records system. These self-paced courses include step-by-step instructional EMA videos for your staff to view at their convenience. Throughout implementation, your practice administrator, client advisor and EMA educator will be able to monitor each staff member’s progress to help ensure participation. Course subjects include clinical practice settings, front office workflows, communication methods and much more.

Remote Instructor-Led Trainings – Recommended for practices with 1-3 providers

Through consultative one-on-one EMA training sessions with an educator, ModMed U course content will be reviewed and reinforced. Sessions will focus on a variety of topics, including most frequently documented patient encounter types and best practices for troubleshooting notes. These one-hour training sessions will be held remotely via GoToMeeting. To help ensure productive electronic medical records training, staff is required to complete all assigned EMR training online in ModMed U prior to the consultative sessions.

Onsite Workshop – Recommended for practices with 3+ providers

Take a deep-dive into EMA documentation through collaborative, scenario-based, classroom-style EMR training. During the two-day workshop, attendees will enhance their EMA skills by participating in hands-on activities and advanced visit documentation. In addition, your educator will provide knowledge checks throughout the training to determine go-live readiness.

*Currently not available due to COVID restrictions

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Stage 2 – Stabilization

Focused Support

A Modernizing Medicine educator will work with you and your staff during and after go-live to help you develop efficient workflows and correct data entry. Available to all clients, this is an excellent opportunity to further enhance the skills you obtained through practice and training.

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Stage 3 – Optimization

Post Go-Live Remote Instructor-Led Training

Now that you’ve implemented and mastered the fundamentals, your educator will conduct additional online EHR training after go-live to support your successful EHR implementation. Topics include increasing efficiencies, ancillary staff productivity and utilizing advanced features.

Additional Support – Recommended for practices with 3+ providers

Once you’ve applied your knowledge and gained experience using EMA in a live practice environment, your educator will return to help you optimize your workflow. The focus will include finding ways to save you time, improving ancillary staff processes and making the most of EMA’s more advanced capabilities.

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Throughout All Stages

ModMed® Communities Knowledge Base

Formerly called ModMed Central, our ModMed Communities online knowledge base houses a wealth of information, such as EMA video tutorials, quick reference guides and EMA training manuals. At each stage of EHR implementation, your Modernizing Medicine® educator will assign appropriate materials in ModMed Communities to reinforce the key concepts you’re learning. After go-live, you can continue using ModMed Communities to expand your knowledge and stay up to date with new EMA releases.

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Virtual Adoption Support & Training (VAST)

This tailored approach offers a VAST array of support to help you go live. Through VAST, our Software Educators work directly with your team virtually, bringing ease and peace of mind. Whether you have multiple offices or just want more discretion as you begin the onboarding process, we combine our technology and knowledge to create the go-live schedule that works for your team. With VAST, you can benefit from:

  • Focused virtual training support
  • Live remote instructor-led training workshops
  • Giving assistance to multiple people at the same time in different locations
  • Addressing the health and safety concerns that may restrict or prevent on-site training during the COVID public health emergency
  • Providing more flexibility to your office as you begin the onboarding process

Here’s What Your Peers are Saying

Richard Aycock, MD

Noah England, Practice Administrator, The Eye & Laser Center

“Modernizing Medicine’s training is vastly superior to other programs I’ve experienced. Their team asks “What works for you?” and listens rather than telling us we need to use EMA a certain way. The easy-to-use system, knowledgeable trainers and the ability to walk through the visit gave the staff confidence. By the second week, we returned to full patient volume and left the office by 5:30pm.”

Michael DiMarino, MD

Jonathan A. Feistmann, MD, PC, NYC Retina

“With EMA, the hardware cost was minimal, and we were live after a short six weeks of training. With other EHR systems, it’s like having to take a college course to learn how to use them. EMA’s training consisted of web-based lessons that we could do from the comfort of home. Training was quick and extremely easy.”

Todd Shafer

Tara Salsman, Office Manager, IVCH Medical Group

“Our transition to EMA went smoothly. Within a few weeks, we were seeing 100 percent of our patients in EMA and we kept up our usual pace. It’s also been very helpful that we are able go back and access training information on ModMed Central, a forum that allows EMA users easy access to product information, announcements and ongoing educational materials.”

If you’d like more details on the standard and preferred EMA training packages available for different practice sizes, please submit the contact form below.

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