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Thank you for your interest in connecting your pathology lab with our EHR, EMA®. Below, you’ll find information on the many features and tools ModMed offers both your lab and the practices you serve.

If you’re a practice, please visit our lab partners page to find out whom we interface with and how to initiate new connections. For practices that read their own slides, you can learn more about our paperless Pathology module.

Pathology Lab Interface


Seamless Bidirectional Communication

All of our interfaces are built with the ability to process both orders and results. Practices and labs can choose to utilize either functionality as needed.

Electronic Results

EMA provides electronic results that can be routed, appended and matched automatically to the patient chart. You can also transmit a PDF file to your EMA practices within the HL7 result message.

Electronic Orders

Orders sent via EMA contain procedure type and location, preliminary diagnosis, and related ICD-10 code and order number.

Enhanced Orders

Seamless Bidirectional Communication

This enhancement allows practices to send the following with their electronic lab orders:

  • Digital photos (to show skin lesions, moles, etc.)
  • Visit notes
  • History of present illness
  • Family history of melanoma
  • Previous history of melanoma with melanoma staging (if applicable)

Having instant access to this critical information can help your pathologists diagnose more confidently and accurately.

Enhanced Results

This option could help save your staff time and reduce data entry errors. Within the lab results log, the Result, Action and Plan fields automatically populate for your review. All it takes then is one click to “Sign and Save”, which adds the results to the patient’s chart, along with a diagnosis code and appropriate treatment plan.

Efficient Connection Process

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Once you sign a contract, our data services team will coordinate a kickoff call with the technical resources you’ve identified. The initial build process can take up to 10 weeks depending on several factors, including:

  • Your connection type
  • Resource availability
  • Practice’s availability for testing
  • Timelines, which are subject to change

Promoting Your Lab to ModMed Customers

Once your lab joins our network, we’ll add your listing here to help promote your connection to other practices that use EMA. We’ll also set you up with a demo environment* to help you showcase how easy it is to handle orders through your lab.

*Additional costs may apply.

Next Steps

Thank you for your interest in connecting your pathology lab with EMA. For pricing and service information, please please fill out the form below, and a ModMed labs representative will reach out to you shortly.

Please note: Lab interface requests must be initiated by the lab rather than the practice.

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