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Here’s Why ModMed® Clients Attend the Company’s Annual Conference, MOMENTUM

ModMed clients share their experiences from the company’s annual users conference, MOMENTUM. Watch and hear about them in this recap video.

Here is a full transcription of this video:

There are so many great learning opportunities, and the sessions that I’ve had opportunities to participate in have really shown us how far the product has come even since we’ve gone live.

I wanted to talk with some of the thought leaders in ModMed and have a chance to give input into improvements that we’d like to see that will make our lives easier

I just went to a MIPS session for ophthalmology that was helpful.

What brings me to Momentum a lot is the networking with other people. You know in one of our sessions earlier we were able to collaborate with someone that kind of taught us something that we thought was going to be really hard and then we were like, “Oh well you know maybe we could do that too.”

It’s important for us to be able to make sure that we are staying on top of what is new for the system so that we can help drive it within the practice.

This is my fourth year here at Momentum. Looking forward to what is coming in 2019 and also interacting with other companies and facilities that are on the orthopedic pain management vertical.

The reason why I brought 12 of my staff members to Momentum was that I wanted them to see and be able to ask the questions and get the information they wanted because they all feel that Modernizing Medicine is listening, and so they just wanted that platform to be able to interact and see what the best practices were. What other people were doing.

I do feel that Momentum is a way to branch out and interact with other people that are doing what we’re doing, using the same tools we’re using. And maybe they’re doing something that we’re not.

It’s very welcoming, it’s very inviting, and I think you don’t even really feel like you don’t know people. You just talk and learn.

Everybody’s kind of going through the same struggles or celebrating the same thing. So you know it’s almost like a little family, the Modmed family.

There’s definitely a community feel. I love being able to sit down and have somebody show me something. I like to see what products are coming out.

It’s been, wow, it’s been wonderful. The integration, the quality, the sense of community.

There’s authenticity, there’s heart, there’s earnestness, leadership, and congruence. It’s pretty great.

We get to share and collaborate. So it’s a lot of fun and it’s a great learning experience. And I love seeing the excitement of the other clients, I love getting to know the other clients, and I love getting to share the knowledge with the other clients.


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