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Patient Self-Scheduling Tools Added to Your EHR System Can Help Whether Your Office is Open or Closed

Patient engagement includes patient self-scheduling tools to help patients navigate their own appointments. 

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Modernizing Medicine’s patient self-scheduling tool is designed to work whether your office is open or closed. Today we’re going look at how quick and easy it is for your patients to schedule their own appointments.

Here we have a patient who would like to schedule an appointment with their doctor. The patient logs in to their patient portal page or logs on to your website. They navigate to the “schedule appointment section.” This takes them to the self-scheduling portal where they fill out some basic demographic information. The patient is then prompted to provide insurance information. Patients can upload a photo of their insurance card to save additional time. And because this is linked with Practice Management, you can filter patients into customizable buckets of pre-approved or pre-denied.

The self-scheduling tool sends a message to the patient either confirmed or not yet confirmed. The practice can either configure confirmations to be manual or automatic. A reminder is sent to the patient and that’s it! Your patient has successfully scheduled their appointment. That’s how easy it is for patients.

Now let’s look at it from the perspective of the practice. You or your staff start by hitting “confirm appointment”, which automatically populates the appointment on your scheduling calendar. If there are any conflicts, it will alert you automatically. Depending on the patient’s communication preferences, they are either texted or emailed that their appointment is confirmed. With patient approval statuses, you can customize settings. By pulling a report from Practice Management, it’s easy to see pre-approved patients.

With patients that may have a high-collection history, you can filter them on to pre-denied lists. “The patients that get filtered on to pre-denied lists are sent customized messages, pertaining to unpaid balances that may affect their appointment.” Once the appointment is booked and confirmed, it’s automatically populated in Practice Management.  This frees your staff up to focus more on your patients, not their schedules. To learn more, contact us today.

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