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Johnson City Eye Clinic and Surgery Center Switches EHR systems to EMA®

Learn what one ophthalmology practice and surgery center likes about their new ophthalmology EHR. For more information, visit

Here is a full transcription of the video:

Our most picky provider was on paper before we switched to ModMed. He’s our ped’s doctor and there was just no easy way to record his information. So I’ll kind of use him as my testimonial because he’s picky and he has his right to be. He’s very fast in his visits and he’s very efficient. And so one of the stipulations was if you diminish that, I don’t want it.

ModMed’s virtual exam room and plans and protocols we were able to meet everything he expects from an EHR system. The virtual exam room, the way we record information, if you’re sitting on a desktop and the way you see everything in a virtual exam room, you can’t help but be accurate because you see elements you’ve missed.

The rest of the providers, they’re from another EHR system going to another one, so they were like we can make this happen, just whatever it takes. But if you ask them today, they will look at your interface and say, man, I love looking at this iPad. I love being able to bring this stuff up before I go into the room and the scribes in the rooms have their choice of the platform of an iPad or the desktop. So it’s whatever your fancy is.

For me, MIPS MACRA recording and seeing your scores real time, knowing where you stand, fixing it on the fly is probably my number one. We decided to go with the MIPS MACRA coach and that person is a godsend. ModMed, I’m going to say the whole product EMA, Practice Management and everything else that goes underneath it, it’s a beautiful interface. It’s beautifully written.