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What Patients Really Think: New Research Delivers Insight on Attracting & Keeping Patients

Dr. John Guiliana, Dr. Melissa Lockwood, Dr. Erica Simon,  Dr. Caleb Masterson


Dr. John Guiliana
Medical Director of ModMed Podiatry

Dr. Melissa Lockwood
Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates

Dr. Erica Simon
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Caleb Masterson
ENT Center of Northwest Alabama LLC

This webinar originally aired on August 30, 2022.

ModMed®’s exclusive research of 2,000 patients reveals what patients look for in a doctor’s office: what causes them frustration, what keeps them satisfied and what makes them move on.

In this recorded webinar, we’ll share the results from our new report, “What Patients Really Think”, and discuss ways providers can meet expectations and attract and retain more patients.


  • Insights into the “mental scorecard” of what patients like and don’t like about a doctor’s office
  • How to attract and retain patients (it may be easier than you think!)
  • The most sought-after digital tools that patients prefer before, during, and after an appointment
  • How “design-thinking” can be used to help redefine the patient experience
  • Tips on improving relationships with patients