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Answers to the 5 Most Commonly Asked Billing & Coding Questions

Ronda Tews, CPC, CHC, CCS-P, Senior Director, Billing and Coding Compliance ModMed®


Ronda Tews, CPC, CHC, CCS-P
Senior Director, Billing and Coding Compliance, ModMed

This webinar was recorded April 17, 2024.

We understand it can be difficult to keep up with ever-evolving billing and coding regulations and best practices, especially when you have a busy practice to run. But accurate billing is vital to the success of your business, as even the smallest mistakes could result in delayed or lost revenue.

We’re here to help! Join us for this exclusive webinar where Senior Director of Billing and Coding Compliance, Ronda Tews, will address the five most common billing and coding questions our team gets asked throughout the year.


  • Medicare guidelines for billing PA- or NP-provided services under a practice physician’s NPI (incident-to-billing)
  • Two types of scenarios when billing a physician under another physician is allowed
  • Standards for billing for an office-based procedure versus an ambulatory surgery center
  • Which place of service to select when billing for nursing home visits
  • How to categorize an established patient visit at a new practice (when to use “new patient” versus “established patient”)