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Billing and Enhanced E&M Coding with ModMed

Hear how Dr. Burge has seen increased revenue, as well as more efficient and accurate billing, thanks to the suggested coding feature of ModMed Podiatry.

Here is the full transcript of the video:

Yeah, definitely. I guess I would say double revenue since starting. And a lot of that has to do with the billing calculator and I attribute a lot of it in terms of billing E&M visits. And it really helps make sure, you know, for what you're doing, if you have the necessary documentation, your treatment plan, you can actually be billing, you know, level four visits instead of probably what, you know, most of us traditionally would bill – level three visits. It really helps you have the certainty that, based on what you did with patients, that you're not under billing. And that's a big issue. 

If you're doing the work then you should be paid for the work you do, and ModMed really helped me, in particular with E&M coding and some procedural coding, to make sure that I have the certainty to say: yes, you know, I did this, I documented it and I should be paid for it.